Why should you add an ITIL Foundation Certification to your resume?


If you’ve superior knowledge of your business’s technical aspects and can view them from a different perspective, you can ensure the fast-paced growth of your business. However, one must possess an ITIL Foundation Certificate to achieve such humongous business growth.

But why only ITIL? Well, that’s because ITIL leverages a robust framework and numerous methodologies to guarantee your financial growth and success in no time. This framework aims to boost your business growth by extending its support to all your IT services.

An ITIL certification will help you gain an in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of any business’s IT infrastructure. This credential is your ultimate pathway to achieving all your career goals. In this article, you’ll learn what an ITIL is and how adding a certification to your resume can help your career growth.

So, let’s start.

An overview of ITIL

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is the leading global framework for effective IT service management and delivery. It was created with a comprehensive set of practices. Undoubtedly, ITIL provides organizations and individuals with better guidance so they may employ it to its maximum potential to support transformational change, reform, and progress.

Possessing an ITIL foundation certification proves your proficiency in handling, applying, and processing tech-specific jargon or techniques. The certification also attests to your in-depth familiarity with best practices in service management.

The ITIL certification provides businesses and IT workers with a complete strategy to address difficulties brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In summary, ITIL enables businesses to offer top-notch IT-enabled goods effectively, affordably, and with plans in place for troubleshooting.

Why must to add ITIL Certification to your resume?

→ To get lucrative job opportunities with a high payscale

There are chances of unavailability of on-site sponsorship opportunities for you. Even so, getting an ITIL certification at your preferred time is worthwhile. With such a certification, you’ll significantly boost your resume and add more value to your or your employer’s business.

Assuming you’re another IT employee, having an ITIL certification opens the gateway to many profitable job opportunities.

When it comes to the highest-paying IT certifications, ITIL is considered one of them. After pursuing such a certification, you can opt for job roles like IT architect or ITIL program manager and earn no less than six figures in terms of salary.

→ To portray enhanced work performance

Any training’s practical foundation gives the instructor confidence when they enter the actual world. One is unsure of how to manage the practical application in the actual world because there is so much theory but few actual implications.

By exposing its students to real-world situations while implementing its framework, ITIL helps individuals become more certain and productive anytime they provide services. Inner peace comes from knowing you act morally, enabling you to give your best.

You can manage IT services intelligently because you possess all the required knowledge.

→ To showcase an improved & upgraded IT skill set

The ITIL certifications are classified into five levels that represent different degrees of proficiency in the material:

  • ITIL Foundation (Level 1): The entry-level ITIL Foundation certificate program introduces professionals to the basic ideas, components, and terminology utilized in the ITIL Service Lifecycle and its related lifecycle stages.
  • ITIL Practitioner (Level 2): As the most current certification, it was launched in 2016. ITIL practitioners emphasize how to begin implementing the ITIL framework in real-world circumstances.
  • ITIL Intermediate (Level 3): This level is divided into several modules that, by going deeper than the other certification levels, offer a new perspective on ITSM. For many upcoming IT professions, the industry considers this certification an all-purpose certificate.
  • ITIL Expert (Level 4): This level fully embraces the ITIL Scheme from a macro perspective. This level is typically regarded as a prestigious certification for ITIL best practices and understanding.
  • ITIL Master (Level 5): This fifth and highest certification level displays a comprehensive and in-depth mastery of ITIL’s tenets, procedures, and cutting-edge approaches and its assisting management procedures. You will rank among the top professionals in your specialization by obtaining this certification level.

You can expand your skill set and get a deeper understanding of how ITIL is handled and applied throughout many IT infrastructures by earning certifications in each or all of these levels.

Your improved understanding of ITIL best practices will set you apart from your peers and give you more self-assurance in your position within the company.

You may also check this video to learn about ITIL training:

ITIL 4 Certification Training| What Is ITIL Certification?| ITIL Tutorial For Beginners |Simplilearn

→ To get global recognition

With this certification, you can find work anywhere in the world, no matter where you are or where you wish to operate from. Of course, this is like a bonus! Additionally, many businesses today leverage the ITIL framework’s power, which necessitates hiring people with ITIL certifications.

→ To switch to the job role of your choice

Like earning an ITIL certification increases work prospects and strengthens a CV, the skills you develop will frequently open options for more job responsibilities within the company. Candidates who have mastered any advanced ITIL programs will have the advantage of where they wish to be and what they desire to accomplish.

Professionals in the IT industry frequently have to “pay their bills” by taking on low-level responsibilities or working as contractors until they can establish their worth and demonstrate the knowledge and abilities necessary for more profitable chances.

Individuals who hold an ITIL certification can frequently bypass this step, and employers may choose to solicit advice from the certified individual regarding where to place them.

Ending note

Even if you possess all the other IT service-related abilities required, it may be challenging to find employment without an ITIL foundation certification that pays well over your salary preference.

Additionally, if a hiring manager sees your certification, they won’t want to throw out your CV, given your degree of expertise, which is supported by real-world experience. The accreditation puts you at the top of the list. In addition, you consistently go above and beyond to deliver next-level performance for your employer.

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