Best Social Media Analytics Tools


The Social Media Accounts can give you plenty of information about the effectiveness of your online marketing tools. Tracking and reporting Social Media Analytics helps you to be a hurdle for digital marketers, but the problem is finding the perfect tool.

best social media analytics tools

The social media world is filled with different platforms, ranging in the niche, effectiveness as well as user experience. Now due to the new Topsy shut down, most of the social media marketers are looking for the suitable alternative.

Today we’ve listed some of the best Social Media analytics tools available on the market. Now, before moving further, you must know about the social media analytics.


Keyhole lets you measure every detail about a brand or trend’s impacting on Twitter, Facebook, as well as Instagram. It gives you access to an intuitive and shareable dashboard, which tracks hashtag, keyword and campaign metrics in the real-time. It also includes reach, impressions, periods of high activity and much more.

You can also leverage its data to lead your influencer outreach efforts by clicking on the dashboard’s influencer tab. It reveals information about the surrounding accounts that have the highest reach and interaction numbers. Now if you want to boost your engagement, you’ve to identify significant accounts in your prefered niche and thus reshare their most popular content on the different social media platforms.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights gives you the plenty of information about the performance levels of your page. You can see the reach of your every post and the monthly growth of your fans, engagement levels, and the number of shares your posts win.

You’re able to see which posts sparked unlikes for your page, mentions your brand, impressions, as well as referrers, and all these metrics help you to create more relevant content for your followers. Now marketers who are looking to run or currently running the Facebook Business Page have access to the comprehensive Facebook Analytics dashboard.

The platform offers recommendations on how you reach the largest audience on social media.

Ninja Reports

Ninja Reports lets you automate your social media analytics reports which simply connects your favourite social media accounts and then schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports to send to the unlimited recipients.

The Ninja Reports is one of the best and most popular social media analytic tools which is used by most of the “Advertising Agencies” or even “Social Media Marketing Agencies”. Now if you want to save your time which you waste on compiling, generating reports and know numbers, then Ninja Reports will correctly do that.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool which lets you supervise different social media accounts within one convenient dashboard. You can install browser extensions which helps you to efficiently manage the content or use the Android or iOS Apps to handle your accounts while on the go!

The Buffer allows you to pre-schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ as well as LinkedIn. Moreover, you can check to post views, tracks the performance of the campaigns, view engagement numbers and your post of the day.

Overall, Buffer lets you see how many people choose the favorite your tweets and the number of the followers you have. It also indicated the viral capability of your messages.


Snaplytics lets you access more information than the Snapchat platform monitors, making an excellent tool for any social media marketer. The Snapchat offers the least amount of data to marketers observing performance as compared to any other social media platform.

However, you can still use the third-party tools such as Snaplytics to learn more about your Snapchat and Instagram analytics. Overall, Snaplytics lets you see data about the performance of your snaps as well as you can view your audience growth on both Snapchat & Instagram.

Hootsuite Insights

The Hootsuite Insights tool rounds out the social media marketer’s toolkit with the features which allows you to weigh the social sentiment around your brand and identify when trends are taking off. Hootsuite pulls from more than 100 million data sources, providing a rich data set for deep insights.

One of the best features of Hootsuite is the Signal Alert Tool, which helps you to know that if a prominent influencer is expressing something negative about the brand. Thus, it allows social media managers to respond quickly and resolve situations before it converts into viral smears.

Your Thoughts

There are a lot of social media analytics tools on the web; however, the tools which we’ve recommended you to start off with are good enough to inspect the activities of your social media accounts. You can have a look at all these tools, and select the one which fully integrates with all your chosen platforms.

These tools are easy to use and can be customizable to the level of reporting that you need. You can get to know your audience, and maximise your return on the investment. You can try for free any of the tools which we’ve mentioned.

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