Is Telegram Better Than WhatsApp? The Comparison

telegram vs whatsapp

There are continuous debates on which messenger or social media to choose. There are people who love Instagram, and those who are fans of Twitter. People who love Facebook and the ones who chat daily in VK. The same concerns two popular messengers – Telegram and WhatsApp, and you could have wondered before which one … Read more

6 Things to Know About Golang Programming Language


Image from: Different programming languages can be used in the cloud. Programmers and web developers will always have preferences. They usually favor Golang also known as Go. This is a type of open-source programming language that can offer three things: Simplicity Reliability Efficiency It has gone a long way from the time that it … Read more

How to Get Google Ads Certification: An Expert Guide

google ads search

If you are now trying to do your homework with a STEM subject, and you realize that nothing works for you, do not worry. After all, you can always turn for homework assignment help from websites whose experts assist students from schools and universities to do homework in computer science. No matter how complex or … Read more

How To Pick Blog Niches For Making Money Online

pick a blog niche

This is the first step to start making money with a blog. You’ve heard this before but did you take action? Did you start doing whatever it takes to make money blogging and waiting for your site to become a success? Did you follow through each step that you set yourself out to do? The … Read more

[Comparison] Rank Math SEO Vs Rank Math Pro

wordpress seo

The Yoast SEO plug-in wasn’t broken at all. In fact, it was doing an excellent job of optimizing my web pages. I had read numerous reviews about how powerful the Yoast SEO plug-in was, but for whatever reason, the optimization never got implemented. I would say interest took over and just wanted to test out Rank Math. … Read more

Tips for Reducing Website Loading Time

page speed optimization

Page load time is a crucial element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it helps determine the ranking of a page in Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. The concept is relatively simple. If your page load time (or response time) is more than 1 second, Google considers this as an error which lowers your page rank. … Read more

How to Find a Great SEO Firm for Your Business

find a seo firm

Definition: SEO stands for search engine optimization, an often overlooked subject that is vital for successful website marketing. Which is simply the art of ranked high in an unsearchable directory, also called the organic listings, and appearing in the paid section of a search engine. SEO is also the technique of optimizing your web content … Read more

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