Checking Your Text for Plagiarism: Why it is Important?

If you’re a student, you may end up copying text from another writer because you don’t have the time to write an original article. This is plagiarism because it’s the unauthorized use of text and you don’t give credit to the original source.

Educational institutions take plagiarism extremely seriously and submitting any work with plagiarized content as your own work is grounds for taking action against you. It’s important to have a clear understanding about why avoiding plagiarism is so important.

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Plagiarism can sabotage your academic career

You are expected to use existing research when you write a dissertation or research paper but you need to identify every source you quote. This is someone else’s intellectual property and even improperly quoting a source can be regarded as plagiarism.

Any plagiarism, even if it’s the result of a careless error, can lead to serious consequences based on the policies of the educational institution. At best, this may be low grades but at worst, it may involve penalties, suspension, dismissal or fines.

Plagiarism is dishonest

Academic integrity is fundamental when studying at colleges or universities. A research paper aims to show a new perspective on a topic than already existing papers. As the writer, you will use previous research to substantiate your point of view or offer new insights but this doesn’t mean you can pass off the content as your own. When using research, you are dealing with other people’s intellectual property and this is why you have to make sure you cite your sources in the correct way.

Plagiarism checking software

You can use plagiarism checking tools to compare your work to other works, generate a plagiarism percentage and note duplicate content so you can remove it or cite it. Some plagiarism checkers use poorly developed algorithms that don’t pick up all plagiarism. I am a student getting a university education and I know the importance of avoiding plagiarism when writing an essay. I have used plagiarism tool to check my essay and I must say that the Uk.EduBirdie tool is the best. Besides its writing service, its tools are equally amazing and I love them.

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Plagiarism can prevent you from learning

If you have no idea how to write original content, it could have an effect on your academic career. Plagiarism is never a solution but just creates more problems for you. By checking your work and making sure you don’t plagiarize, you will learn more and become more confident in expressing your own opinions and abilities.

If you just copy the work of other people, you don’t really come to grips with a topic. When your essays are highly plagiarised, it reveals that you probably don’t understand the topic. As a scholar, using a plagiarism checker can show you where you’re going wrong, which gives you the opportunity to try and fix your issues.

Plagiarism can be unintended

Using a plagiarism checker can help you to avoid any paraphrasing mistakes and prevent you from not citing sources correctly and other forms of unintended plagiarism. You can be as careful as you like and make sure you cite your sources but you are human and you can still easily make mistakes.

By using a plagiarism checker, you can guarantee that your content is original and it is your intellectual property that you can copyright. If you’re looking for some useful tips to choose a plagiarism checker, you want to be sure it uses the latest technology, offers a detailed enough check and has a user-friendly design.

Plagiarism can have consequences in the workplace

Studying at college can provide a great learning experience that helps you in your future career. One of these elements is learning how to produce original content without plagiarism. This won’t just enhance your academic career but can help you in your future workplace.

With the popularity of social media marketing etc., today, many businesses want employees who can create original content, from blog posts to social media posts. Search engines reward original content and penalize plagiarised content. If you know how to create original content, you could be in demand as a social media marketer or even become an entrepreneur with your own business.


Writers need to understand the consequences of plagiarism, especially students who are often guilty of not citing their sources properly or failing to cite them at all. They may plagiarise due to a lack of time, a heavy academic load, and close deadlines but the consequences can ruin their careers. To ensure that content is as original as it should be, all writers need to use a good plagiarism checker.

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