Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: Pros and Cons

Marketing is a key element in every type of business, regardless of industry, size and audience. Every business owner allocates a specific amount of funds for marketing for a number of purposes, such as building brand awareness, promoting business products and publicizing their services. Marketing intends to compel people to purchase products or services.

After the pandemic, a change in marketing is being witnessed worldwide. It makes marketing more critical than ever.

Today, many businesses are running online partially and sometimes completely online. It leads to confusion among marketers about the best marketing approach to carry on; traditional or digital marketing.

Both traditional and digital marketing can work in the best possible way, but it is the nature of the business, and the audience that we are targeting that decides which marketing will suit the best.

Every digital marketing agency in London prefers both digital and traditional marketing methods. Still, this blog will look into a few of these marketing methods, including their pros and cons and how it works in today’s world. So, let’s start from the basics.

Traditional Marketing

It has been practised for a long time and still works well in various marketplaces worldwide. It includes advertising a business and its products or service through print media, like magazines and newspapers, and through flyers, banners and posters. TV, radio, giant billboards, and hoardings are easy ways of promoting business in traditional marketing.

Even though we are in the digital age, we can’t deny the fact that this marketing method is still in use around the world because of a number of reasons. Let’s look at some of the pros of traditional marketing.


  • Easy to Get the Idea: an attractive visual billboard and posters of business is an easy way to deliver any message, and it is also a fact that people understand TV commercials and advertisements easily.
  • It Reaches the Targeted Audience Easily: with newspapers, magazines, banners, flyers and posters, you can target your desired audience by directly delivering them information about your product or services.
  • Physical or Hard Copies:

Your target audience can save your business flyers, brochures, and posters for a long time which helps you to build brand recognition. When they keep these hard copies with them and refer them to others, it helps you in creating brand awareness.

There are also some drawbacks of traditional marketing which we can’t ignore. Have a look at some cons of traditional marketing.


  • It is Often Expensive: advertising on radio and TV channels requires a lot of funds. Moreover, when you are looking to market to a large audience through banners, posters and flyers, it requires many hard copies, which can cost you much.
  • You Can’t Measure ROI: in traditional marketing, you can’t measure the output or how successful your marketing will be. So, it is nearly impossible to measure ROI in traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing

It refers to the online way of marketing that uses online marketing channels to promote businesses. There are many social media platforms that digital marketers use and promote business products and brands through social media posts and ads, blogs on business websites, YouTube videos, sending personalized emails, and more.

These methods are very useful; nowadays, every business owner is making its online presence effective to get amazing benefits from digital marketing.

There are some pros and cons of digital marketing as well.


  • Engaging: enables you to engage directly with your audience through emails and social media. You can also get in touch with them on instant messaging apps and answer their queries without distractions.
  • Vast User Base: digital media is a hub of a diverse user base. You can take your business globally by marketing your products online and reaching a global audience.
  • Cost-effective: it is way less expensive than traditional marketing methods. It doesn’t cost you much, even if you hire a digital marketer or get services from an agency. You can run ads on social media cost-effectively.


  • Regulation by Search Engines: many search engines and Google updates their algorithm regularly. So you must always be ready for any change in your online marketing strategy to avoid mishaps.
  • Negative Feedback: your unhappy customers can damage your business reputation in front of a large online audience. So, it would be best if you always came up with every tactic to deal with such negative Feedback.
  • Search for a Professional: you can’t fully use your marketing efforts if you don’t have a specialist. Finding the right and trusted man for your business accounts is a great task in order to get the never-ending benefits of this marketing method.

The Bottom Line

Both types of marketing have their benefits and drawbacks as well. To select the marketing method, you need to look into your business objectives and budget, as this will decide which can work better for you.

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