Skills Every SEO Expert Needs in 2024 and Beyond

Despite the numerous victories of search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, it remains an enigma for many. Its complexity is heightened by Google, the dominant search engine, which keeps the elements influencing its content ranking algorithm under wraps.

Consequently, SEO marketing specialists are left to decipher these factors through trial and error, sharing their findings. The long time it takes for SEO results to become fully visible, often months, further complicates this. It becomes challenging to ascertain the competence of a self-proclaimed SEO expert. Here is what every SEO needs to be able to do to be successful in 2024 and beyond.

Build a Website That’s Worth Linking To

According to Distl, A Perth SEO Agency, “one thing you need to understand about SEO, is that you are convincing a robot that you are the best at what you do. The way this robot (Googlebot) quantifies what “the best” is, largely comes down to how many backlinks their site has.”

With that said, a web page that is abundant in content, credible, impartial, and aids visitors in gaining more knowledge about their interests is likely to draw links from other sites, enhancing your SEO. Boost your authority and trustworthiness by using relevant internal links and those from relevant sites. Rather than using ambiguous links, consider including the name of the destination. 

The term “click here” doesn’t contribute to search engine value apart from the linked URL, while “Texas Tech Enterprise Program” is keyword-rich and can elevate your search engine rankings as well as the ranking of the page you’re linking to.  Always opt for descriptive links by linking keywords; this not only bolsters SEO but also enriches the experience for your readers, including those with disabilities or using screen readers.

Boost Your Page Loading Speed Across All Platforms

A slow web page load speed can be one of the most potent hindrances to a website’s performance. User impatience with loading times is well-known, and Google has taken note. This is why page speed holds a significant place in Google’s ranking algorithm across all devices.

Thus, optimizing your website’s load speed is crucial for your SEO upgrade agenda. Measures could include downsizing images, streamlining code, or leveraging browser caching. Seize every opportunity that accelerates your page load speed on all platforms.

Understand basic HTML and CSS

Professional programming skills aren’t a prerequisite for becoming an SEO expert, but having a rudimentary knowledge of coding language can be advantageous. You may not need to script codes, but the capacity to dissect a website’s source code, detect evident errors and shortcomings, and even devise strategies to rectify them is essential. 

There are several pathways to acquiring this expertise. You could sign up for a course at a digital marketing training institution and obtain a diploma or certificate. Alternatively, you can harness online courses like Free Code Camp, engage in necessary online reading, or utilize platforms like YouTube. 

Most of these courses provide their content at no charge, although obtaining a certificate might require a substantial payment. However, remember that it’s the knowledge you acquire that truly matters, not the certificate itself.

Obtain Recommendations from Other Websites

Search engines, when determining the position of your web pages, consider the number and the source of external websites that link to or reference your page and entire website. They view these external references as endorsing your content’s credibility, pertinence, and value.

Nonetheless, not all external references are equally valued. Those originating from highly credible websites hold more significance than those from less credible sites. The higher the number of references from well-regarded websites, the higher your website’s ranking will be.

Harness AI tools to Supercharge Your SEO Output

In 2024, integrating AI tools into your SEO strategy is essential. AI offers unparalleled efficiency in data analysis, enabling you to write more content, understand market trends easier and predict user behavior more accurately.  You can use A.I. tools to automate a range of tasks such as:

  • Creating written content and writing in-depth blog briefs
  • Categorizing keywords in bulk
  • Explaining complex topics like how AI powers Google’s search results
  • Summarizing pages in order to research faster

Get Acquainted with Screaming Frog

If you want to be an indispensable SEO, you need to be completely comfortable using SEO audit tools like the infamous Screaming Frog. It is the only way to perform comprehensive site audits, allowing you to swiftly identify and rectify SEO issues like broken links, improper redirects, and suboptimal page titles, in order to maintain your website’s health.

Mastering its advanced features, such as custom extraction and API integration, allows for more tailored and effective SEO strategies. Without a web crawler assisting you in bulk audits, you will miss important details that give your competition an easy edge.


Boosting your SEO is an ongoing process, not a final achievement. It demands consistency, endurance, and a true commitment to enriching your user’s experience. While the given suggestions may play a key role in enhancing your website’s visibility, always bear in mind that there’s still scope for improvement in the SEO arena.

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