How Many Questions Are on the Google Certification Exam?

Graduation from university is often not enough to be accepted for work. Many graduate students look for online courses to get more skills. They can also get an important certificate to provide when applying for a job. In some cases, they may need expert help from an assignment help service like My Assignment Lab whose specialists can do their homework from scratch in computer science, programming, engineering, math and more.

Google certification exam is an online exam. It allows you to get a credible certificate in your area. In the exam, you can show your skills and professional knowledge. Such criteria are important for many employers, so you will become a valuable worker. You can also use your Google certificate in other ways. For example, you can apply for projects and other work communities.

The Google certification exam is credible and requires good knowledge. Before you pass the exam, you should look through different materials. You can watch online videos or pass through a subject course. Another option is to hire a tutor who will help you with your studies. You can also look through useful materials yourself.

To get a certificate, you should pass the exam successfully. Then you will go to the certification directory. The next step is to get an email certificate with your online mark. You can send the certificate then to LinkedIn and other employment websites.

The exam includes several levels depending on your career expectations. Each exam level is paid, and the first one costs 10 dollars. If you fail your exam, you can pass it any other time. You have an option to try it three times per year. There is also a time limitation for passing. You should pass it successfully within 36 months from the start.

Each level of the Google certification exam has its own rules. Speaking about the first level, there are 35 questions. Each time when you pass the exam, you get different questions. There are a lot of options prepared, so you will not get the same ones. You should prepare carefully each time. The questions are divided into two categories:

  • Multiple-choice questions

These questions have several given points of the answer. You can choose any point you think is correct. In most cases, you can choose only one option from the ones you see. Yet, sometimes you can choose several options. So, you should be careful to notice the differences in the instructions.

  • Matching questions

Matching questions often have two columns. You are to combine the correct results in the first column with the ones in the second column. Each line to combine is considered as one answer.

The exam at the first level is quite easy, so it does not take much preparation. At the same time, you need to follow the time frames. If you fail to do that, you will not be accepted. What is more, you are required to do all the tasks in Google classroom. For this reason, you should get the appropriate skills in advance. Look through materials on how to use different Google tools and pass a test.

Remember that you will not have any open questions in your exam. The Google Company considers such questions as non-credible. The reason is that there is no option to judge your answers impartially in this case. You will only have multiple-choice questions and matching ones. At the same time, they will be more complicated than if you had open ones.

The Rules of the Google Certification Exam

It is also important to consider other features of the Google certification exam. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Open book exam

The exam on the first level is an open book. This means that when you are doing tasks, you can search for information. You can do research and look through Google results. To prepare for the exam, you need to find the necessary materials. This will allow you to find them fast when you need them. Yet, you should remember that most questions include practical skills. So, only doing research is not enough.

  • Restrictions

The Google certification exam allows students to use online material. Yet, there are some limitations to the rules. You can’t talk to another person and seek their help. This will mean that you do not use your skills on the exam. You also have no right to ask previous questions from another person. For example, another person who has passed the test can give you correct answers. Such behavior is strongly forbidden on the exam. You also should not look for correct answers on the exam website. The questions are quite easy, and this means that you should do them well.

  • Exam score system

When you are looking for a certificate, the scoring system is important. You will get your score depending on your correct answers. You will see the points you get on each of them during the exam. So, you will easily calculate the importance of each question. After the exam, you will not get any feedback. To pass the exam successfully, you need to get at least 80% of positive points. If you fail the exam, you can get some suggestions on the future research you should do. This can be helpful if you want to try the exam one more time.

You should also look through other rules online. It is important to consider them all before you send your application.

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