How to Get Google Ads Certification: An Expert Guide


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What is Google Certificate, and How Can It Affect My Career?

Google Ads Certification is needed for sales professionals, who want to confirm their skills with the valuable certificate.

What Google Certificates Look Like

Google does not send printed certificates. After a successful exam, you will receive links to the received digital certificates in your profile, where everyone (who has this link) can see which certificates and when they were received.

Name Duration Number of questions Passing score Validity
AdWords Basics 120 min 100 80% 1 year
Search Advertising 120 min 100 80% 1 year
Media Advertising 120 min 100 80% 1 year
Video Advertising 90 min 74 80% 1 year
Advertising in Shopping 90 min 60 80% 1 year
Mobile Advertising 90 min 70 80% 1 year
Google Analytics 90 min 70 80% 1 year

These exams are free, and you can pass them repeatedly as many times as you want, you can pass them every week.

Why Do I Need the Google AdWords Certification?

Obtaining the Google AdWords certification is necessary if you are going to dedicate yourself to the world of online advertising.

To do this, you must enter the Google Partners platform and register with your Gmail account. From here you can get the AdWords accreditation certificate, or you can get the famous Google Partners badge for agencies.

The badge is designed for digital marketing agencies, so the email account you used for registration must be associated with a company that in the last 90 days has invested at least $10,000 in AdWords.

Once you have created your profile in Partners, try to fill in as much information as possible, do not leave anything behind because your public profile can be seen by other professionals or even clients interested in your services.

Partner account gives you much more possibilities, in addition to being able to certify in AdWords, you can also do it in Analytics, join its G + community and in the insights section you will receive articles, PDF’s and news from Google itself so that you always stay updated on its news.

As you know, Google has endless platforms, tools, and products. Google usually creates participatory communities and he does so in AdWords too. In addition to the technical support it offers, it also provides you with a “study” space where the vast material that is on its support is revealed to you (enormous and sometimes unintelligible).

These videos are broadcast from their AdWords community and if you attend them live, you can send your questions in the same forum. Doubts that will be answered by the collaborating experts of this community.

It is better to resort to them if your purpose is to pass these certification exams, as they will give you clues as to where the shots will go in the official exams.

But this is not the end of everything, if you want to make the most of your time, they have a support platform for this community: Google Partners Academy, where you will find loads of complementary material (for this you will have to register on the platform), quiz (standard questions exam so that you can loosen up), planned webinar calendar, differentiated by themes in AdWords or downloadable slides that have been used in the video sessions.

Of course, to download the complementary material, you will need to register on this platform.

What Benefits Gives Me Passing AdWords Exams?

Professionals usually strive to get certified as an expert on the platform for three main reasons:

  • They want to expand their resume.
  • Support their professional portfolio.
  • Learn how to improve the expertise in managing this profound tool.

Before the presentation of the exams, if you find yourself in the first scenario, you should register on the Academies platform and start reading and understanding the tool.

If you also create an AdWords account and start doing your tests (without launching campaigns you can try to create them, make ads, tinker with their keyword tools …) it will be a point in your favor.

Although it is not essential to use the tool for the exams, doing so will help you better understand the background of AdWords.

In the case that you are a professional, and you want to start using AdWords, in addition to the above, you should better take a good introductory course to the tool or not stop informing you about AdWords online. When choosing these courses, make sure they have a very important practical part and that if possible they allow you to work on real accounts.

Finally, if you already have some experience in AdWords, you have worked on it assiduously and what you want is a certificate that reinforces your reputation in front of clients, you should better enter the Academies platform and follow their webinars and materials.

For a simple reason, there are times that what Google says theoretically is not the most advisable to maximize the performance of your accounts, but in the exams, they will ask you about its theoretical material, not about good practices in reality.

For example, AdWords advises you to use automatic bids if you are new to the tool and the truth is that the only thing that automatic bids are good for is to lose money, but in principle, it is what Google advises.

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