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Integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Future-Proof Your Business

What Makes Microsoft Dynamics GP-CRM Integration So Crucial?

If your business implements unique CRM and ERP programs such as Salesforce and Dynamics GP, it’s highly likely that a data integration project is in your future, if you haven’t embarked on one already. ERPs such as Dynamics GP specialize in the management and control of an organization’s supply chain, payroll, field service, and inventory management. Meanwhile, CRMs such as Salesforce specialize in building accurate customer profiles and facilitating top-notch customer service. To bridge the gap, companies such as Rapidi offer quick, painless, and professional data integration services.

In the business landscape of today, CRM-ERP data integration is a crucial component of getting and staying ahead of competitors. Businesses that make use of legacy systems such as Dynamics GP alongside customer relationship management solutions will want to ensure the data pools amassed within both systems are able to “talk” to one another, providing your team members with a single point of truth, and eliminating time-consuming horizontal redundancy and costly human error.

Microsoft Dynamics GP-Salesforce Data Integration: The Basics

Data integration is the process in which separate programs are synchronized to the goal of creating a singular point of truth–the silos of information stored in each program are integrated, and the systems are able to “talk” to one another.

Many successful businesses opt for both a CRM and an ERP, despite there technically being solutions that claim to be the best of both worlds. Why is this, you might wonder? Well, you know what they say about jacks of all trades…they’re masters of none. And that’s exactly the case in this situation as well–no hybrid programs will ever match the breadth, depth, and years of CRM experience that Salesforce brings to the table; the same can be said of the Microsoft Dynamics suite of ERP programs, from GP all the way to 365.

Data integration projects are not always simple or straightforward, so it’s important to stick with integration platforms crafted by those knowledgeable and experienced with regard to your organization’s CRM and ERP solutions.

Are There Other Reliable Data Integration Options?

Web Services for Dynamics GP is one option that exists for those seeking low-cost integration solutions. Web Services for GP allows user access to account, customer, receivable, or purchase files within Dynamics GP, but customization and the addition of new transfers won’t be nearly as streamlined as solutions provided by companies such as Rapidi, who exist entirely to facilitate other organization’s integration or data replication projects–so you know you’re dealing with the experts!


Integration Manager is another option built by Microsoft, crafted with the intention to assist those trying to import data into Dynamics GP. It’s a fairly simple program–requiring no coding or programming–which pulls data from an external database and slots it into GP. That said, it’s unequipped to handle two-way integrations between GP and Salesforce (or whichever CRM your organization has chosen), and is predominantly geared towards patching over the simplest and least obtrusive integration problems that exist.

All that said, preconfigured solutions offered by Rapidi take the labor out of data integration. They have designed their product to be adaptable to just about any combination of Dynamics and Salesforce that exists, and in the event that one of their “out-of-the-box” solutions isn’t exactly what your company needs, they are willing to go the extra mile and craft a custom solution that checks every single box required.

How Can I Have the Best Data Integration Experience?

If yours is a business of any particular size, it’s likely that you’re collecting data through a range of means: billing software, marketing apps, your customer relationship management software. Presumably, these sources will all have dedicated teams with their own methods of collecting and processing data. If this is the case, it’s important to implement common methods of interfacing with data, as well as consistent quality standards.

Another issue that businesses may face is their own piles of irrelevant and out-of-date information. Without consistent data handling protocol, organizations often end up with inaccurate and redundant information that makes sifting through to find the nuggets of gold all that much more tedious–not only that, but if this outdated information makes it into your analytics, the result becomes less trustworthy, accurate, and applicable.

How Does Dynamics GP-Salesforce Integration Help My Business Do Better?

With proper integration, your organization’s process of data collection and conversion are streamlined, intuitive, and simple, and the ensuing analytics applicable and trustworthy. Your organization can finally have that coveted 360-degree view of customer profiles and business intelligence. The greater understanding of customer wants and needs (and a heightened ability to meet them!) all make for a better service experience and more eager, returning customers.

What’s the First Step?

Pioneering in the field of data integration for nearly 30 years, Rapidi offers its Microsoft-certified data integration solution as a subscription-based software-as-a-service. Able to seamlessly integrate any Microsoft ERP with CRMs such as Salesforce, Rapidi’s robust yet agile technology packs, compresses, and encrypts your data so that it is entirely secure from beginning to end-point, as well as highly bandwidth-efficient.

If none of their pre-configured solutions work out of the box, Rapidi is happy to work with your company to craft a solution custom-fit to your business’s needs.

Most companies today have access to far more information than they know what to do with. RapidiOnline ensures that your company can properly care for and utilize the information crucial to your business’s growth and bottom line. Click here to learn more about how you can put Rapidi to work for your.

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