Programmatic and Ad Exchange Assessment Answers 2024


Exam Name: Programmatic and Ad Exchange Assessment

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  1. Which feature in Ad Exchange allows you to discover inventory and make deals with publishers directly?
  2. Dave’s client wants to run a campaign where the deal is between themselves and one publisher. They want to pay a fixed price to serve 10,000 impressions.
    Which deal is best suited for Dave’s client?
  3. Your real-time-bidding (RTB) Breakout is showing a low number of available impressions, inventory matches, and bid requests.
    How do you address this to ensure you’re getting the inventory you need?
  4. The dimension “Web property name” provides you with data on what aspect of your account’s performance?
  5. While your bids are transacting and making it to auction, you discover that you’re not winning the volume that you require.
    What action can you take to improve performance?
  6. You’ve executed your search in Marketplace and have found a publisher with inventory offers. You want to tailor your own offer and send it to the publisher.
    How would you do this?
  7. Helen’s clients require a report of their top sellers delivered to them on the first of each month.
    What is the most time-efficient way for Helen to deliver them this report?
  8. You’ve been invited to an auction to bid for inventory against other buyers.
    Which transaction type best describes these attributes?

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