SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford

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SEMrush’s Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals Certification Exam

SEO fundamentals include everything that a beginner needs to know about search engines and ranking your content on search engines. To understand that better, one can go through the course made available by SEMrush on their web platform for free. The learner will learn how a search engine works and optimize your content that the search engine likes.

From the course, you will also learn the importance of building links and understanding different signals that define your website’s ranking. SEMrush’s SEO fundamentals course is top-rated among SEO enthusiasts, and the company also allows you to get certified as an SEO expert.

What Does The Test For Fundamentals Of SEO Comprise?

When appearing for the test, you can expect to be questioned about terms like

  • Basics of search engine and their working
  • Optimizing the content for search engines
  • On-page optimizations related to elements of a page
  • Optimization for smartphones and handy devices
  • International as well as local SEO

These are some of the technicalities that you should be prepared about. The exam will be consisting of 23 total questions that you have to answer in 27 minutes. On passing the exam with at least 70%, you will be given a certificate for the same.

SEO Fundamentals Exam by SEMrush – Where to Prepare?

SEMrush itself provides free courses along with the free examination opportunity to prepare for its learners. One needs to enroll and create a free SEMrush account for that. You can also check our previous test solutions segment to practice with questions that are asked in the past test events. It will help you increase your test scores.

These solutions are not to be taken as cheating material but only for preparing and expanding your knowledge with the exam pattern’s insight details and what are some mostly asked questions.

  1. What is the mobile-first index?
  2. Which mobile site type does Google recommend using?
  3. AMP is a way to make your site’s mobile version faster.
  4. How do you make the phone number on your site clickable?
  5. Google shows the same search results regardless of your search history.
  6. Which of the following are ccTLDs? Choose two answers.
  7. The proximity of the search results to the user doing the search is the only ranking factor when it comes to local SEO
  8. What does NAP refer to?
  9. To make your content localized, you’ll need to include your location keyword at least once in the title tag, H1 heading, content, image alt text, and meta description.
  10. Which Google service will help you gain visibility in your local community?
  11. The Penguin update in early 2012 adjusted Google’s algorithm to consider a site’s overall number of links instead of the relevancy of each link.
  12. Which of the listed SEMrush tools helps you analyze your site’s speed?
  13. What does a generic anchor text refer to?
  14. Which of the following link types will be beneficial to a site’s authority? Choose two answers.
  15. Link analysis tools from SEMrush emulate Google’s spiders.
  16. The link building strategy in which you look for high-quality, authoritative pages that have links pointing to pages that no longer exist, and let them know that you’ve got a brand new page with a piece of content that answers the same question or need is called \_\_\_\_\_\_.
  17. Which update helped Google get much better at understanding keyword semantics?
  18. Fill in the blanks: \_\_\_\_\_\_ is a broad term with high traffic and lots of competition. \_\_\_\_\_\_ is a phrase with the lowest amount of traffic and moderate competition. \_\_\_\_\_\_ is the most focused term with lowest traffic and competition.
  19. What is the right way to optimize your content?
  20. Fill in the blanks: The text within the \_\_\_\_\_\_ tag usually populates the text of your blue link on a Google SERP, and the text within the \_\_\_\_\_\_ tag populates the grey text underneath.
  21. Fill in the blank: In the late 90s, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on their own search engine, and at that time they were the first \_\_\_\_\_\_.
  22. What do Google spiders do?
  23. What are the “10 blue links?”
  24. HTTPS is a protocol with a security certificate that encrypts communication between your computer and a site, so no one can see the data that’s transmitted.
  25. It is good to pay attention to technical aspects when you’re doing SEO, but ignoring them wouldn’t be a big mistake.
  26. What does the Google PageSpeed Insights tool do?
  27. Choose the two commands that will prevent Google spiders from crawling a page AND scanning links on that page:
  28. What does TLD refer to?
  29. Which of the listed items will help you avoid duplicate content? Choose two answers.
  30. Fill in the blanks: A \_\_\_\_\_\_ means the page is working like it’s supposed to, and the spider should crawl and index the page. A \_\_\_\_\_\_ means that the page in question doesn’t exist.
  31. Fill in the blank: \_\_\_\_\_\_ is the most commonly used structured data markup for SEO. It’s the result of a collaboration on behalf of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex.
  32. Microdata markup is an automatic method in which Javascript adds schema annotation into the the head of the page.
  33. What is the approximate number of Google’s ranking factors?
  34. What does PLA stand for?
  35. What is the name of the URL element that is present on every page except the homepage?
  36. To ensure the highest Google rankings, it will be enough to focus your efforts on just several main ranking factors.
  37. What is sitemap.xml?
  38. What’s the difference between a 301 and a 302 redirect?
  39. Microdata markup is an automatic method in which Javascript adds schema annotation into the head of the page.
  40. Which of the following symbols should you use to separate the words in the slug, according to best practice?
  41. Fill in the blanks: ______ reviews are the source for your rating in the Knowledge Panel on Google, while Apple maps uses the review stars from ______ by default.
  42. Which status code tells us that the server is currently unable to handle the request (“temporarily unavailable” error)?
  43. Which keywords are best to target?
  44. Which factors will increase the value of a link? Choose two answers.
  45. When using this mobile site type, you’ve got a single set of files with one version of content, which is shown to a user regardless of the device they’re using.
  46. What does AMP stand for?
  47. What is the primary difference between mobile search results and desktop search results?
  48. Fill in the blanks: ______ is the manual method where you add in-line schema annotations to the corresponding HTML page elements. When you use ______, Javascript fires and inserts the markup into the head of the page.
  49. What are the main ways of improving your mobile website’s user experience? Choose three answers.
  50. What are the signals that help Google see that your site is targeting a specific country? Choose two answers.
  51. Which of the listed factors are important for local SEO? Choose three answers.
  52. Which of the listed items does Search Console allow you to do? Choose two answers.
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