Is Telegram Better Than WhatsApp? The Comparison


There are continuous debates on which messenger or social media to choose. There are people who love Instagram, and those who are fans of Twitter. People who love Facebook and the ones who chat daily in VK. The same concerns two popular messengers – Telegram and WhatsApp, and you could have wondered before which one was better. Looking ahead, let’s say that these two cater to different types of users, and both can be good. This brief guide will help you discover the main characteristics of Telegram and WhatsApp and decide for yourself what can fit your mobile device communication.

WhatsApp or Telegram Ads Platform: How Do They Differ?

Let’s start with WhatsApp. This application was first launched in 2009 and is owned by Facebook. By April 2012, it could boast around 2 billion messages sent daily. It was a booming deal for people who used to write ordinary messages. It may resemble the same thing that skype did with international calls. At first, you could only communicate via status, until you could use it with a phone number. Today, this app is simply used for calls, video calls, sharing your pictures on status, as well as occasional chatting. The design is known for green colors and extreme simplicity.

Now, off we go to Telegram. It was designed and developed by two brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov in 2013. They are known for developing the Facebook-alternative VK, but within some time, they sold the social media and quit the country due to political reasons. If believing Pavel Durov’s statement, the primary goal of creating this messenger was safety and privacy. He said that the VK platform is no longer a place where you can stay anonymous, so Telegram will surely protect your personal data. As for other features, it is in blue and dark design colors. You can chat, call or video call, watch videos, listen to music via bots, and simply advertise one or another content.

It especially concerns the events when you turn to professionals. For instance, with a Telegram ad platform Telega. This service helps build a targeted audience, pay for advertising on private or public channels, and advertise products. Telegram ads will help you grow views or even profit.

Unfortunately, there is no same functionality as the Telegram advertising platform, with WhatsApp. You can occasionally receive some spam messages that promote products, but they do not work.

Pros of Telegram:

  • Free messages and calls;
  • Lots of networks and public channels to subscribe to and read interesting content;
  • Opportunity to yield the fruits with Telegram advertising if you represent brand or business;
  • Security and Privacy.

Cons of Telegram:

  • It is hard sometimes to find the right channel or person;
  • You cannot always see the person’s status.

Now, let’s move to WhatsApp.

Pros of WhatsApp:

  • Free messages and calls;
  • Listening to audio discreetly;
  • No ads.

Cons of WhatsApp:

  • Limits with sizes of pictures;
  • No free or paid content channel can be found;
  • You cannot promote your product as you advertise on Telegram like with Telega;
  • No animated stickers if you love them;
  • You can be occasionally hacked. It has safety protocols, however, they are known to be violated.

It is fully up to you to decide which one is the best. You can be focused on dealing with a Telegram ads platform like Telega because you need ad promotions only. However, the fact that your personal account can be easily hacked with WhatsApp makes this messenger place second. Meanwhile, Telegram will simply continue boosting your safety and anonymity with them without any risks and worries of contacting the wrong people.

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