The Blue Ocean: 4 Best Jobs for Digital Marketing Students

the blue ocean

As a digital marketing student, you may already be considering where to move forward with your profession. When thinking about what direction to take, you may want to look into the blue ocean jobs. They have less competition but still remain in high demand. Such jobs have the potential to offer you a great payoff and extensive growth in the future.

Many students complain that they have no time to start discovering career opportunities. All because of how many unnecessary assignments they get. However, in most cases, it’s just an excuse. With the dissertation writing service on at hand, you can save your valuable time and start exploring digital marketing jobs already. After all, you should start gaining practical experience.

Considering finding a job in digital marketing with less competition? Let’s see the ideas for blue ocean jobs you can pursue now as a student.

Niche Marketer

In a niche marketing job, you pull your marketing knowledge and experience toward a specific topic only. Or it can be a clearly-defined audience that you focus on. You are guaranteed to not only find less competition but also showcase yourself as a professional in a certain area. This will make you look more authoritative compared to your competitors and give you more credibility in front of your employer or clients.

What are examples of niche marketing jobs? These could be a health product, B2B service, or digital product marketer.

Niching down will make room for lots of opportunities. The huge benefit of a niche marketing job is that you get to choose something you are passionate about. Here is an example. You have been interested in trading cryptocurrency your whole life. Now, you could position yourself as a cryptocurrency product marketer. Thus, you’ll be able to refine your LinkedIn profile, making it easier for you to find a job.

Niche marketing salary can differ a lot because it’s mostly based on the complexity of the field. The average expected salary for a niche marketer is $81,488 per year in the USA.

Market Researcher & Analyst

As a market analyst, expect to work with numbers, reading and interpreting digital data. Your tasks will be to research the state of the market. Estimate how much potential there is for sales of goods and services.

If you love examining data, trends, competition, and strategies, this job is a perfect fit for you. You will be gathering and studying the needed information. You’ll also get to work on marketing initiatives and then report the results to your company.

Businesses hire market researchers and analysts to strengthen their competitiveness. Companies need to improve decision-making, especially when it comes to launching marketing campaigns.

Your job is to help businesses identify the things that consumers want and determine whether they are willing to pay for certain goods and services. You will most likely use different tools for research purposes, which is great if you enjoy using technology.

As a marketing analyst, you can expect to make nearly $65,309 per year in the United States.

Community Manager

As a community manager, you will work on raising a strong community around a certain company or brand. Working on promoting social media accounts, attending to customers online, and arranging interesting events and incentives – is all about a community manager.

Engagement of the community is the primary goal. However, a community manager can also be in charge of posting and curating content on the company’s website.

As a community manager in the USA, you can make $54,503 per year on average.


Specialist in Influencer Marketing

This job involves creating campaigns and rolling out initiatives that involve influencers. You’ll maintain connections with social media influencers on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Influencer marketers explore the accounts with a large following and the right target audience. Then, they connect with suitable ones for further collaboration. But it might be difficult to find effective ways to persuade influencers to promote the company’s goods and services. Moreover, you’ll probably handle influencer marketing strategies as well.

The average salary for a specialist in influencer marketing is $53,537.

Wrapping Up

Start thinking of the most profitable jobs you can do now. There are multiple options for digital marketing students out there. However, select a job that is not just the least competitive and highest-paying. Look at what also inspires you, or else you risk burning out.

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