Your friend has a jewelry business and just created an app that had dismal downloads during its first month. What advice should you give to get the app back on track?

Choose the right mobile asset
  • Suggest that she re-focus her app marketing to brand new customers. Improve the app with more professional photos and use social media and earned media to promote it.
  • Recommend that she hire a consultant who could help her change her retail business into a completely online one. Customers will have to use the app to buy her products and she could save money on retail space.
  • Tell her to wait for six months and then re-evaluate. Maybe her customers will come around and eventually find the app. Just be patient and see what happens because there is no need to invest anymore.
  • Take another look at her customers’ behaviors by reviewing all the data she already has and maybe doing some more research to better understand what they would respond to.

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