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YouTube Music Certification Solutions

YouTube is the most valuable platform that both the content creators and the audience loves. People love to watch video content as it is more exciting and informative. People always prefer videos over the photo or text content, and the most famous platform for publishing the video content is YouTube. Getting your content noticed and providing value to people through your vlogs is the main aim of every creator and business on YouTube. To achieve this aim, a person has to create good content that, too, with a proper strategy. It is essential for the flourishing of your vlog and starts getting revenue from your page.

To teach the vloggers basics functioning of YouTube and help them grow their YouTube base, Google has designed a unique course, i.e., YouTube Music Certification Course.

About YouTube Music Certification Course

The Google SkillShop has designed this course for the content creators and businesses who are using video platform to market their business. Under this course, Google teaches the following concepts:-

  • How to use YouTube Analytics and strategize accordingly for better growth.
  • How to make money and form a revenue model for YouTube?
  • It will also provide an overall view regarding Copyright and Asset management on YouTube.

After completing the video lectures, you have to undergo an online test. The aim of taking the test is to check your knowledge and certify you to show your YouTube platform expertise.

Motive Of Providing YouTube Music Certification Exam Solutions

No one has made a perfect video on the platform for the first time. It takes time and practice to create an ideal video. In the same way, to help you practice for the certification exam and score better, we provide you with the latest questions and solutions.

We wish you all the best for your exam.

  1. Which ad formats are not available on mobile devices?
  2. What are some ways to optimize a channel for ads?
  3. YouTube Analytics for Artists will help you answer which of the following questions?
  4. What content should an artist produce from the road to promote their tour and engage with fans?
  5. What insights can you get from the new Shorts Performance Cards in Analytics for Artists?
  6. Which video type may require permission from another rights holder before it can be uploaded?
  7. Why is it important to combine Shorts and long-form video as a content strategy on an artist’s channel?
  8. How does Shorts improve discoverability?
  9. What can you do to help an artist appear more frequently in Suggested videos?
  10. Which of the following helps ensure that viewers keep watching your channel?
  11. How would you update channel branding to support a tour announcement?
  12. How can you best use Community to engage fans while an artist is on tour?
  13. Which one of these questions could you only answer by using YouTube Analytics for Artists?
  14. Why might you want to compare the ratio of ads shown to views for a video at the start of a month, and then at the end of the month?
  15. What is always linked to a composition share asset on YouTube?
  16. Where can you find a full list of your assets and information about their ownership?
  17. How do playlists affect watch time on a channel?
  18. What’s something that video cards can promote?
  19. What does not describe a thumbnail that has been optimized for discovery?
  20. What does a channel’s search data reveal?
  21. How can subscribers boost engagement, and thus discovery, for a video?
  22. What type of video is designed to get fans excited about a new album or tour?
  23. Why is behind-the-scenes footage from a tour valuable for a channel?
  24. What is the most effective way to promote a collaboration on YouTube?
  25. Which of the following accurately describes art tracks?
  26. How does upgrading to an Official Artist Channel affect an artist’s subscribers?
  27. How does an artist benefit from upgrading to an Official Artist Channel?
  28. What is the best way to leverage fan videos to grow a channel?
  29. What is the best way to engage fans before an album release on YouTube?
  30. Why is it important to keep uploading videos after an album release?
  31. What is the most effective way to encourage subscribers to engage with a channel?
  32. Why might you want to pin a fan comment on a video?
  33. How can you use Community to give fans an inside look at a tour?
  34. With which YouTube feature can you establish a watch page before a video is released, so that an artist and their fans can experience a new video together?
  35. What is one effective way to use the Community tab?
  36. What can tell you about the global reach of a channel?
  37. What can you do to prevent a sudden drop in a video’s audience retention chart?
  38. What should you do when a channel’s demographics data describes an audience that’s much different from the targeted audience?
  39. YouTube Analytics for Artists provides data about what type of content?
  40. What can you learn from the data in Music Charts & Insights?
  41. What’s one practical application for YouTube Analytics for Artists?
  42. If you wanted to learn in which major city a competing artist’s video is getting the most views this week, what might help you?
  43. What requirement must a video meet before it’s eligible to earn ad revenue?
  44. Which two parties most commonly enter into an SRAV (Sound Recording Audio Visual) agreement with each other?
  45. Who can monetize videos on YouTube?
  46. What is the goal of the ad-serving model?
  47. What deters advertisers from showing ads on a video?
  48. Why might you want to review the ratio of views to ads shown on a video in two time periods?
  49. How can you estimate which ad formats are earning the most revenue?
  50. What low-investment strategy could a channel try to increase viewership (and ad revenue) in another country?
  51. Why might two videos with similar monetizable view counts earn different revenue?
  52. What can generate additional revenue for an artist on YouTube?
  53. Can an artist promote a paid product or service on YouTube?
  54. What can you do to maximize an artist’s revenue potential in the YouTube Music app?
  55. Why should an artist seek legal advice before uploading a cover song?
  56. Which types of copyright apply most often to music on YouTube?
  57. What happens to a channel when it receives a copyright takedown notice?
  58. What is subject to a “match” in Content ID?
  59. What is the difference between copyright and Content ID?
  60. How does Content ID support the work of music rights holders?
  61. Why is it important to resolve asset ownership conflicts quickly?
  62. Which asset type is always linked to a sound recording asset on YouTube?
  63. What may indicate that a channel needs to clean up its reference files or revise its match policies?
  64. What predefined match policy allows viewers to watch a claimed video but does not allow ads to display on the video?
  65. Where can you see the relationship between references and assets?
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