Imagine your team launched a new website three months ago, before you were hired. The website is performing well, but there’s still opportunity to improve using Growth-Driven Design. Based on this scenario, which is the BEST approach to recommend to your boss?


  • Use the “refresh” method by reviewing the strategy stage, auditing the existing website, developing the list of required updates, and moving into continuous improvement starting with your list of required updates.
  • It’s best to start over from scratch and build a brand new launch pad website using the “80/20” method. This way, you know everything on the website aligns with your vision.
  • Because you already have a website, you should skip the strategy and launch pad stages and move directly to the continuous improvement stage. The first theme to use would be the establish theme.
  • Growth-Driven Design is not a good fit because the website is already performing well. Growth-Driven Design is only used when the website is performing poorly.

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