Pinterest Advertising Essentials Quiz Answers 2024


Exam Name: Pinterest Advertising Essentials Quiz

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  1. Drag and drop the tile to match the brand lift study with the correct description.
  2. When is the best time to consider brand lift solutions?
  3. Which of the following are true about expanded targeting?
  4. Drag and drop the tiles below to place the steps for building a campaign in Ads Manager in the right order. The first step on top and the last step at the bottom.
  5. Within Ads Manager advertisers can edit live campaigns to optimize performance by modifying targeting details, changing bids, and adjusting spend.
  6. Which of the following are examples of Pinterest tag tracked data?
  7. Which of the following are insights an advertiser could see only after implementing the Pinterest tag?
  8. If an advertiser lowers a custom bid, Pinterest may still surpass that bid value in the next auction.
  9. Pinterest ranks ad interactions to award an attribution for a conversion event. Place these three ad interactions in order from highest ranked (top) to lowest ranked (bottom).
  10. Given the attribution window of 30/20/1, what do each of those numbers represent? Match the number with the correct description.
  11. True or False: Pinterest recommends users leverage the Pinterest API for Conversion in combination with the Pinterest tag.
  12. Fill in the blank. To access technical documentation about how to implement the Pinterest API, you should visit the _________.
  13. When a Pinterest user clicks on a pin on a mobile phone, they are taken _______.
  14. Video ads can influence which of the following metrics?
  15. When should an advertiser use a catalog sales campaign?
  16. When should an advertiser use a brand awareness campaign?
  17. On Pinterest, users save ideas to boards in the form of ___.
  18. According to a 2021 study, shoppers on Pinterest spend 2x more than shoppers on other platforms.
  19. Which of the following influences the Pinterest auction system?
  20. Pinterest only allows interest targeting to be served on the Browse and Home feed pages. Interest targeting will never appear on the Search landing page.
  21. For manual implementation of the Pinterest tag, advertisers have to add the base code to every page of your website so that event codes can function to accurately measure that event.
  22. Drag and drop the tiles to match the Ads Manager component with the best definition.
  23. Which of the following are true about multi-objective campaigns?
  24. Over _____ million people all over the world use Pinterest every month.
  25. Drag and drop the tiles below to match the user action with the correct component of the reporting U.I. within Ads Manager.
  26. Advertisers can create “actalike” audiences by selecting an existing audience and allowing Pinterest to create similar audiences based on people’s behavior patterns.
  27. _____ formats feature a product details page, which allows brands to share more details on their story, such as ingredients, step by step instructions, and more.
  28. What type of ad format did the advertiser use to design the ad below?
  29. In the scenario where a user viewed and saved an ad within the defined attribution window, which user behavior would be awarded the attribution for the conversion event?
  30. The ___________ feature in Ads Manager enables you to run the same campaign at two different times over the holiday season.
  31. When should an advertiser use a consideration campaign?
  32. Which custom reporting solution would you choose to run the report and have the report emailed to you or anyone else?
  33. Drag and drop the tiles below to match the attribution model name with the correct definition.
  34. Which of the following are requirements for an ad to enter the Pinterest ad serving system to be considered for auction?
  35. Which of the following are true about attribution windows?
  36. True or False? To test your implementation, your developer begins by sending test pings to the API with several event samples.
  37. Where in the Pinterest Business platform can you check to see that deduplication was set up correctly?
  38. Studies have found that consumers are more likely to ___ brands they see in a positive environment.
  39. Match the Ads Manager reporting feature with the best description
  40. How would an advertiser set a bid for a conversion campaign?
  41. Which of the following are true about the Pinterest API for Conversions?
  42. Which of the following are options for where your ads can appear on Pinterest?
  43. Drag and drop the tiles to match the solution with the correct description.
  44. ____ are managed by Pinterest dynamically instead of by you, and are updated several times a day.
  45. Drag and drop to match the term with the correct description.
  46. Which of the following are true about Enhanced Match?
  47. When a Pinterest user clicks on a pin on a desktop, they are taken _______.
  48. Which of the following Conversion Visibility solutions support visibility of both web and app data? Select all that apply.

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