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  1. In the following example, which selector has the highest specificity ranking for selecting the anchor link element?
  2. Using an attribute selector, how would you select an <a> element with a “title” attribute?
  3. CSS grid and flexbox are now becoming a more popular way to create page layouts. However, floats are still commonly used, especially when working with an older code base, or it you need to support older browser version. What are two valid techniques used to clear floats?
  4. What element(s) do the following selectors match to?
  5. When adding transparency styles, what is the difference between using the opacity property versus the background property with an rgba() value?
  6. What is true of block and inline elements? (Alternative: Which statement about block and inline elements is true?)
  7. CSS grid introduced a new length unit, fr, to create flexible grid tracks. Referring to the code sample below, what will the widths of the three columns be?
  8. What is the line-height property primarily used for?
  9. Three of these choices are true about class selectors. Which is NOT true?
  10. There are many properties that can be used to align elements and create page layouts such as float, position, flexbox and grid. Of these four properties, which one should be used to align a global navigation bar which stays fixed at the top of the page?
  11. In the shorthand example below, which individual background properties are represented?
  12. In the following example, according to cascading and specificity rules, what color will the link be?
  13. When elements overlap, they are ordered on the z-axis (i.e., which element covers another). The z-index property can be used to specify the z-order of overlapping elements. Which set of statements about the z-index property are true?
  14. What is the difference between the following line-height settings?
  15. In the following example, what color will paragraph one and paragraph two be? (Alternative: In this example, what color will paragraphs one and two be?)
  16. What are three valid ways of adding CSS to an HTML page?
  17. Which of the following is true of the SVG image format? (Alternative: Which statement about the SVG image format is true?)
  18. In the example below, when will the color pink be applied to the anchor element?
  19. To change the color of an SVG using CSS, which property is used?
  20. When using position: fixed, what will the element always be positioned relative to?
  21. By default, a background image will repeat \_\_\_
  22. When using media queries, media types are used to target a device category. Which choice lists current valid media types?
  23. How would you make the first letter of every paragraph on the page red?
  24. In this example, what is the selector, property, and value?
  25. What is the rem unit based on?
  26. Which of these would give a block element rounded corners?
  27. In the following media query example, what conditions are being targeted?
  28. CSS transform properties are used to change the shape and position of the selected objects. The transform-origin property specifies the location of the element’s transformation origin. By default, what is the location of the origin?
  29. Which of the following is not a valid color value?
  30. What is the vertical gap between the two elements below?
  31. When using the Flexbox method, what property and value is used to display flex items in a column?
  32. Which type of declaration will take precedence?
  33. The flex-direction property is used to specify the direction that flex items are displayed. What are the values used to specify the direction of the items in the following examples?
  34. There are two sibling combinators that can be used to select elements contained within the same parent element; the general sibling combinator (~) and the adjacent sibling combinator (+). Referring to example below, which elements will the styles be applied to?
  35. When using flexbox, the “justify-content” property can be used to distribute the space between the flex items along the main axis. Which value should be used to evenly distribute the flex items within the container shown below?
  36. There are many advantages to using icon fonts. What is one of those advantages?
  37. What is the difference between display:none and visibility:hidden?
  38. What selector and property would you use to scale an element to be 50% smaller on hover?
  39. Which statement regarding icon fonts is true?
  40. The values for the font-weight property can be keywords or numbers. For each numbered value below, what is the associated keyword?
  41. If the width of the container is 500 pixels, what would the width of the three columns be in this layout?
  42. Using the :nth-child pseudo class, what would be the most efficient way to style every third item in a list, no matter how many items are present, starting with item 2?
  43. Which selector would select only internal links within the current page?
  44. What is not true about class selectors?
  45. What is the difference between the margin and padding properties?
  46. What is not a valid way of declaring a padding value of 10 pixels on the top and bottom, and 0 pixels on the left and right?
  47. Is there an error in this code? If so, find the best description of the problem
  48. Which style places an element at a fixed location within its container?
  49. The calc() CSS function is often used for calculating relative values. In the example below, what is the specified margin-left value?
  50. What is the CSS selector for an <a> tag containing the title attribute?
  51. Which code would you use to absolutely position an element of the logo class?
  52. In this example, what color will Paragraph 1 be?
  53. What is the ::placeholder pseudo-element used for?
  54. Which statement is true of the single colon (:) or double colon (::) notations for pseudo-elements-for example, ::before and :before?
  55. Which choice is not valid value for the font-style property?
  56. When would you use the @font-face method?
  57. When elements within a container overlap, the z-index property can be used to indicate how those items are stacked on top of each other. Which set of statements is true?
  58. You have a large image that needs to fit into a 400 x 200 pixel area. What should you resize the image to if your users are using Retina displays?
  59. In Chrome’s Developer Tools view, where are the default styles listed?
  60. While HTML controls document structure, CSS controls _.
  61. What is the recommended name you should give the folder that holds your project’s images?
  62. What is an advantage of using inline CSS?
  63. Which W3C status code represents a CSS specification that is fully implemented by modern browsers?
  64. Are any of the following declarations invalid?
  65. Which CSS will cause your links to have a solid blue background that changes to semitransparent on hover?
  66. Which CSS rule takes precedence over the others listed?
  67. The body of your page includes some HTML sections. How will it look with the following CSS applied?
  68. Which CSS keyword can you use to override standard source order and specificity rules?
  69. You can use the _ pseudo-class to set a different color on a link if it was clicked on.
  70. Which color will look the brightest on your screen, assuming the background is white?
  71. Which CSS selector can you use to select all elements on your page associated with the two classes header and clear?
  72. A universal selector is specified using a(n) _.
  73. In the following CSS code, ‘h1’ is the _, while ‘color’ is the _.
  74. What is an alternate way to define the following CSS rule?
  75. You want your styling to be based on a font stack consisting of three fonts. Where should the generic font for your font family be specified?
  76. What is one disadvantage of using a web font service?
  77. How do you add Google fonts to your project?
  78. Which choice is not a valid color?
  79. Using the following HTML and CSS example, what will equivalent pixel value be for .em and .rem elements?
  80. In this example, according to cascading and specificity rules, what color will the link be?
  81. What property is used to adjust the space between text characters?
  82. What is the correct syntax for changing the curse from an arrow to a pointing hand when it interacts with a named element?
  83. What is the effect of this style?
  84. How will the grid items display?
  85. Which style rule would make the image 50% smaller during a hover?
  86. Which choice would give a block element rounded corners?
  87. Which missing line of code would place the text on top of the image?
  88. To make the font size of an element one size smaller than the font size of the element’s container, which style property would you apply?
  89. To prevent a background image from tiling in any direction, which style property would you apply?
  90. To rotate an object 30 degrees counterclockwise, which style property would you apply?
  91. Which style rule would you apply to set the background image to display the contents of the wood.png file?
  92. What style rule would set the font color of only paragraph two to blue?
  93. You want to move an element up 100px. Which CSS property would you use?
  94. Which style will horizontally center the inner <div> within the outer <div>?
  95. Which corner will the puppy be in when these CSS rules are applied?
  96. Which choice uses the correct syntax for adding a hover pseudo class to element ?
  97. Which missing code will give “Cellar Door” a shadow?
  98. Which element(s) will be blue?
  99. Referring to the HTML markup and CSS example below, which element(s) will be targeted?
  100. Which choice will not set all links that include to pink?
  101. Which property and value pair could be used to apply a linear gradient effect?
  102. You want to add a background circle behind an icon. Which style declaration is correct?
  103. When using a font stack to declare the font family, in what order should the values appear?
  104. Which items are valid values for the font-size property?
  105. Given this code, which CSS declaration of .overlay will span the entire width and height of its container?
  106. Given this markup, which selector would result in the text being highlighted in yellow?
  107. In this image, the blue box and sample text are both contained within the same parent element. The blue box is floated on the left margin of the container. Why is it not contained with the container?
  108. In this example, what styles will be applied to which elements?
  109. Suppose you want to have a list of items (.item) displayed in a row and in reverse order using flexbox. What is the error in the CSS below?
  110. Which five style features are associated with the box model?
  111. Which answer is an example of a type selector (also sometimes referred to as an element selector)?
  112. What is the correct order for listing different link states in a website so those states display correctly on the page?
  113. Which selector is used to select the paragraph element that is a direct descendent of section?
  114. For this code, what is the font color of the hypertext link?
  115. Which statement is not true?
  116. What is the output of the margin value when used within this context, assuming that its containing element is larger than 800px?
  117. There are currently four viewport-percentage lengths that can be used to define the value relative to the viewport size: vw, vh, vmin, and vmax. If the current viewport size has a width of 800px and a height of 600px, what will these values be equivalent to in pixels?
  118. Which CSS properties can you use to create a rounded corner on just the top-left and top-right corners of an element?
  119. Review the HTML example below. Then choose the list of selectors that select the <p>, from lowest to highest specificity.
  120. Which property is used to create a drop shadow effect on an HTML element?
  121. What is the correct selector for targeting all text inputs that are not disabled?
  122. How can you create a semi-transparent background color?
  123. Using this HTML markup, how would you select only the headings contained within the <header> element?
  124. Which choice is not a valid transition?
  125. In this example, what color will the paragraphs be and why?
  126. Review the declaration of border style shown below. What is the corresponding longhand syntax?
  127. Pseudo-classes are used to _.

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