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Certification in Performance: Product Ads Certification Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: Certification in Performance: Product Ads Certification

Exam URL: https://academy.mercadoads.com/student/path/894818-certification-in-performance-product-ads

  1. Why do we say that Product Ads pursues performance objectives?
  2. Which of the following statements is correct?
  3. What is Product Ads’s primary value proposition?
  4. In which spaces are Product Ads ads shown? Select All Correct Responses
  5. What is the "Daily Budget" metric?
  6. Does it make sense for a seller with good organic positioning to invest in Product Ads?
  7. Two different users viewed and clicked on the same ad on the same day. One of the users bought the product 1 week later, while the other user bought it 6 weeks later. How many sales will the platform attribute to said ad after those clicks?
  8. What is Product Ads’s conversion attribution window, that is, how long do you have to make the purchase after clicking on Product Ads?
  9. Do the ads of Product Ads also appear in organic search results?
  10. What is a good method to improve the performance of Product Ads campaigns?
  11. Which is the main performance indicator for campaigns?
  12. What would you recommend to a seller whose goal is to maximize the chances of exposure of a new product, even if that poses a risk to their profitability levels?
  13. What coefficient links the cost of the campaign to the revenue earned?
  14. Once it has been launched, how long do you have to wait if you want to pause a campaign?
  15. What should you take into account so that your ads generate impressions, that is, that they appear in search results or in product pages?
  16. In the campaign manager, what do we call the metric that accounts for sales attributed to advertising?
  17. What is the “assisted sales” metric?
  18. What are competitive metrics?
  19. What does the percentage of impressions gained measure?
  20. Why is it convenient to increase the daily budget on special dates?
  21. Which of these practices are recommended to boost your sales? Select All Correct Responses
  22. An advertiser invested $10,000 in a Product Ads campaign and generated a revenue of $100,000 in the same period. What is their ACOS?
  23. Which of the following practices would be advisable during a special date, such as Mother's Day?
  24. A campaign is not getting the expected results: ad impressions are not increasing. Why is this happening? Select All Correct Responses
  25. Imagine that you have a campaign whose objective is profitability, i.e. you are looking for the lowest possible advertising cost. For that you have defined a target ACOS of 5%. However, after 30 days, the ACOS of your campaign is close to 8%. What could you do to lower your ACOS?
  26. How often is it advisable to review the results of your campaigns?
  27. You have set a daily budget of $4,500 and during that day your campaign consumed $3,800. How much will the budget be for the next day?
  28. Which publications should be activated as ads within your Product Ads campaigns?
  29. What is Product Ads bidding system?
  30. What is the most advisable in a campaign to win the Product Ads bid?
  31. What is the ad-score or quality of an ad?
  32. What is the charging model for ads in the Product Ads bidding system?
  33. What are the advantages of using Product Ads on catalog products? Select the 2 correct options. Select All Correct Responses

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