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How to Optimize for Mobile: The CRAFT of Mobile SEO Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: How to Optimize for Mobile: The CRAFT of Mobile SEO

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  1. Which of the following statements explains why crawlability is important for mobile and desktop versions of a website?
  2. To review how mobile optimization could improve your competitive positioning, take a look at your traffic in:
  3. When did Google announce its mobile-first indexing initiative and re-introduce the Mobile Friendly Testing Tool?
  4. How can you confirm that your site is in the Mobile First Index in Google Search Console?
  5. Neglecting mobile SEO in markets where users are predominantly on mobile devices could lead to an increase in customer engagement because it forces them to find you on social media instead.
  6. How can you determine the portion of your website traffic that comes from mobile users?
  7. What is the recommended approach to estimate the scale of changes required for mobile optimization?
  8. What is the recommended method to replicate how Google crawls your website and obtain a comprehensive overview of your mobile performance?
  9. What framework is recommended for ensuring your website is ready for mobile users after deciding to invest in mobile optimization?
  10. Since widgets and pop-ups rarely compromise the user experience on mobile devices, Google recommends using them instead of banners.
  11. What does "E-E-A-T" stand for in Google's guidelines for website quality?
  12. What is the primary purpose of PageSpeed Insights, a tool from Google?
  13. What are some general recommendations to improve the loading speed of a slow website?
  14. What are some of Crystal’s favorite tools for testing the mobile-friendliness of a website? Check all that apply.
  15. How does testing the website with actual users on their mobile devices provide valuable insights?

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