DoubleClick Search Campaign Management Assessment Answers 2019

  1. Sam wants to focus his advertising goals on lead generation based on users completing an inquiry form.
    How can he use DoubleClick Search to do this?
  2. Applying business data to a campaign also applies it to what other elements?
  3. Sandra is the lead marketer at DinoWorld. She’s creating rows in her business data table for each DinoWorld’s theme park.
    What is the best strategy for her to define IDs?
  4. How can bulksheets help you efficiently create campaigns?
  5. What is the first step you would take to edit an existing campaign using bulksheets?
  6. Why would you want to set goals at the campaign level?
  7. Applying a label to an ad group enables you to create remarketing lists based on what user action?
  8. Which adjustment could be best addressed with an automated rule?
  9. Which DoubleClick Search feature allows you to quickly apply changes to multiple campaigns at once?
  10. Roger is in charge of marketing for Bean Coffee. He wants to build remarketing lists in DoubleClick Search based on all users who click on an ad when they search for “craft coffee.”
    How does he use labels to accomplish this?