Mailchimp Email Automations Certification Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: Mailchimp Email Automations Certification Exam

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  1. Fill in the blank: With Customer Journeys from Mailchimp, you can build automated journeys that help you create ________________.
  2. In what ways can Mailchimp’s Customer Journeys help your business? Select 2 Correct Responses
  3. What are the benefits of pre-built journeys in Mailchimp’s Customer Journeys? Select 3 Correct Responses
  4. What is a starting point?
  5. Fill in the blank: Behind the scenes, customer journeys can help you create workflow efficiencies by ________________.
  6. What is an example of an activity-based starting point? Select 2 Correct Responses
  7. What is an example of an event-based starting point? Select 2 Correct Responses
  8. True or false: Event-based starting points focus only on recurring dates, like birthdays, holidays, or the anniversary of the date that a contact first signed up for your service.
  9. Fill in the blank: Mailchimp’s Marketing API lets you create ________________ powered by ________________ that is/are important and relevant to your business.
  10. How might you use rules and actions in a customer journey to build a strong welcome series? Select 2 Correct Responses
  11. Fill in the blank: A ________________ rule requires that a contact stays at a journey point until they trigger the next point in their journey via a specific action. With a ________________, contacts can’t continue down a path for a period of time that you choose.
  12. How could you use an If / Else branch in a customer journey to build a strong post-purchase campaign?
  13. What is one of the key benefits of the add or remove tag action in Mailchimp’s Customer Journeys?
  14. True or false: With the send email action in Mailchimp’s Customer Journeys, you can build an email using a previous campaign as a template, or create your email from scratch by selecting a new template. Regardless of how you build your email, you’ll never have to leave the Customer Journey workflow.
  15. One of your clients wants to try building a customer journey on their own. What are some features you might highlight to emphasize how easy to use the Customer Journey builder is? Select 3 Correct Responses
  16. True or false: To help you develop more complex customer journeys, Mailchimp’s Marketing API can collect information from your site or app regarding your contacts’ activity and pass that information along to Mailchimp. In addition to general contact information, the API allows for the collection of two very specific types of information, through the Tags and Events endpoints.
  17. How can the Tags endpoint help you build more personalized customer journeys? Select 2 Correct Responses
  18. How can the Events endpoint help you build more personalized customer journeys? Select 2 Correct Responses
  19. True or false: Because customer journeys allow you to add or remove tags from contacts at every step within a journey, you can: learn more about your contacts, more accurately segment your contacts via tagging, and improve your user segmentation.
  20. Fill in the blank: The first step in Mailchimp’s 3-step framework to develop an email automations strategy is “Identify the key ________________ that support your business goals.”
  21. Where should you go in your Mailchimp account if you want to build a single-step email automation instead of a customer journey? Select 2 Correct Responses
  22. Reminding a customer to complete a purchase after abandoning their cart is an example of which type of email automation?
  23. When helping a client build a series of automations or customer journeys, it’s important to prioritize the automations you first build. What 3 factors should most impact how you prioritize your automations? Select 3 Correct Responses
  24. For an email automation to be successful, it must be: Select 3 Correct Responses
  25. Both business objectives and marketing objectives are essential to every campaign. Classify each of the following examples of measurement as either business objectives or marketing objectives: (Drag and drop the types of objectives listed below to match them to the correct examples.)
  26. Fill in the blank: When considering the logic behind branching points, there are 2 core concepts to understand: ________________ and ________________.
  27. In order to keep your campaigns successful over time, it’s important to analyze and refine your automations to improve their performance. What are 3 ways you can analyze the success of your automations? Select 3 Correct Responses
  28. Jacob, a digital entrepreneur, is launching a second app and wants to build a customer journey announcing the new app to all of his contacts. As part of his customer journey, he’d like to send a follow-up message to anyone that doesn’t open his first email after one week. Jacob’s almost finished building his customer journey—he just needs to add a final action to the Yes and No paths in his If / Else branch. Before he continues, he wants you to review his current customer journey. Looking over the image below, are there any immediate changes he should make to the journey he’s built so far? If so, what?
  29. Jacob has added an email to the No path on his If / Else branch. What should he consider adding to the Yes path?
  30. A week has passed since Jacob launched his customer journey and he wants to see how things are going. What would you tell him to help him track the results of his customer journey? Select 2 Correct Responses

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