Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers 2024


Exam Name: Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment

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  1. What is media innovation?
  2. Among the case studies we reviewed, what brand challenged Twitter users to an interactive “scroll race?”:
  3. API Marketing Partners assist with the following goals: (select all that apply)
  4. What are the essential elements of effective brand voices? (select three)
  5. Your campaign goal is customizing video at scale. Which of the following choices is the most likely API solution?
  6. In our case study, PedidosYa worked with an API Partner to develop a highly targeted campaign using:
  7. A distinct brand voice allows your brand to: (select all that apply)
  8. The best time to bring the in-house audience insight team into a campaign is:
  9. What percentage of users rate Twitter “good” or “great” for brand interaction?
  10. Which of the following are components of the OUI Framework? (select all that apply)
  11. In Activision’s case study, the backbone of their successful Warzone campaign was:
  12. The attitudes, tone, and substance of your brand’s content should be:
  13. When defining your brand voice, first consider the brand's:
  14. Leading brands are more likely to evoke an emotional response in their audiences by a factor of:
  15. In our case study, no name’s brand voice stands out because of its:
  16. Thinking back to our case studies, what percentage of people on Twitter believe brands should affect positive change in society?
  17. What are the two key use cases for when brands should always activate on Twitter? (select two)
  18. Which element of a creative campaign should be developed first?
  19. When your brand connects with what’s happening on Twitter, you can see lifts in: (select all that apply)
  20. Twitter Advanced Search allows you to:
  21. A Kantar study revealed the correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its purchase intent to be:
  22. For more customized research or analysis that gives you a deeper understanding of how Twitter users really think and feel, consider working with:
  23. Launches typically fall into the following categories: (select all that apply)
  24. In our case study, no name’s Twitter handle isn’t a typical marketing channel primarily because it is a destination for:
  25. According to a Bain study of global brands, marketers that hit their launch KPIs were more likely to include Twitter in their launch mix by what factor?
  26. When it comes to conversation on Twitter, successful brands:
  27. How does Twitter help you succeed through the funnel?
  28. The number one reason people come to Twitter is:
  29. What are three key strengths that characterize Twitter’s audience?

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