Waze Local Fundamentals Assessment Answers 2019

Exam Name: Waze Local Fundamentals Assessment

Exam URL: https://shorturl4u.com/cA

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  1. How does the Waze Dashboard define the Navigations performance metric?
  2. What additional features are in the Plus dashboard?
  3. Which Agency Partner service level requires Advanced Certification and a minimum quarterly investment?
  4. More than what percentage of drivers using Waze are between 25 and 54 years old?
  5. On which of the following popular branding platforms do people spend the most in-app time per month, on average?
  6. On which platform can small and medium-sized businesses or national brands seeking localized campaigns advertise?
  7. What is the newest Waze offering?
  8. Pricing for both Starter and Plus is based upon what type of model?
  9. Pricing for Waze Local Starter begins at as little as $ ____/day, while Waze Local Plus starts at $____/day?
  10. Insights and data allow Waze Local to effectively target drivers by knowing what?
  11. Nearly half (46%) of all Waze users have a yearly household income of what amount?
  12. How many hours per month do Wazers average on the app?
  13. Name the level(s) of Waze Agency partnership?
  14. What do all three ad formats help small and medium-sized businesses or national brands seeking localized campaigns achieve?

  15. In 2017, more than ______ drivers visited local businesses in the U.S. advertising on Waze?
  16. What does Promoted Search offer?
  17. How are Waze routes developed to be as efficient as possible?
  18. What is our company’s mission statement?
  19. Almost ⅓ of the Wazers you reach on Waze Local live within how many miles of your business?
  20. Zero-Speed Takeover displays ads when drivers ________?
  21. If you plan to spend less than $100/day, which solution is most suitable for your business?
  22. On average, what navigational increase do businesses experience when they advertise on Waze Local?
  23. What is the minimum investment requirement for Preferred Partners?
  24. What does the Waze Dashboard allow you to do?
  25. Which Waze offering is a data exchange program that offers Waze vital insights on proposed road closures and detours?
  26. How many times per day do drivers feel they must use Waze in order to pass “The Toothbrush Test”??
  27. In what year did Google acquire Waze?
  28. Wazers with 2 to 4 people in their household make up what percentage of overall users?
  29. Which additional ad format does Waze Local Plus offer?
  30. What can advertising on Waze Local help small and medium-sized businesses or national brands seeking localized campaigns achieve?
  31. What do Waze Local ads offer that traditional OOH and billboards lack?
  32. What type of additional support do Waze Preferred Partners receive?
  33. What business information do Branded Pins provide when a user clicks on them?
  34. How do you calculate an Ad’s Click-Through Rate (CTR)?
  35. What is the Waze key user benefit?
  36. How many people use Waze around the world?