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Mailchimp Foundations Certification Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: Mailchimp Foundations Certification Exam

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  1. Darryl, an online jeweler, wants to tie his campaigns to actual products in his store. What should his first step be?
  2. Clicks per unique open are defined as the percentage of recipients who registered as an open and also clicked at least 2 links in your campaign.
  3. Shannon, a marketing consultant at an agency, wants to learn more about customer lifetime value (CLV) and purchase likelihood. What benefits should you highlight to Shannon?
  4. Wanda, the owner of an online bookstore, wants to learn more about her newest contacts. What insights can Wanda find on the Audience Dashboard? Select 3 Correct Responses
  5. Cameron, an illustrator, is holding an online workshop to help attendees design their own original comic book characters. She wants to capture information in advance on what her attendees already know about character design and what tools they’re familiar with. What would you recommend Cameron does to accomplish this?
  6. Violet, a local florist, has identified a problem with her recent email campaign: her click-throughs on product links are lower than usual. She wants to improve the click-through rate on her campaign, but she’s a bit lost on how to proceed. What should she do next?
  7. Maria’s first move is to determine targetable customer segments outside of Copenhagen. How could Maria use the audience dashboard to identify a high-potential market and get started with an email campaign?
  8. Maria finds that Helsinki is the strongest location outside of Copenhagen. Maria wants to ensure her client’s message is tailored to that market, so she decides to utilize multivariate testing. Which 2 variables make the most sense to focus on when testing? Select 2 Correct Responses
  9. As a first step, Ani needs a way to capture who is planning to attend the author speaking event. Which of the following methods could be effective in capturing RSVPs and tracking engagement from people who are already on the bookstore’s contact list? Select 3 Correct Responses
  10. To keep things intimate, the author speaking event will be in-person only. Which of the following logic statements would create a segment that best helps Ani ensure her event-related campaigns are relevant?
  11. Fill-in-the-blanks: To directly engage with visitors who haven’t stopped by in a while, Ani wants to create a personalized set of email invitations. To include the contact’s first name, Ani should type the merge tag ______. To allow a contact to make changes to their profile information, Ani should type the merge tag ______.
  12. Ani anticipates that there will be guests who bring friends along to the event who did not RSVP. How could Ani help her client prepare to capture information for those people who are not already in her client’s audience?
  13. The event turned out to be a success! Ani sends a “thank you” email with a discount code to attendees, but not everyone opens the email. How could Ani reach the recipients who didn’t open their email and encourage them to come back to shop the bookstore?
  14. Ani’s client has decided to create a quarterly series of author speaking events. Ani creates a landing page to collect sign-ups and links to from the bookstore’s regular newsletter. Although the link got a lot of clicks, sign-ups were lower than she expected. How could Ani best target people who showed interest in the events, but didn’t signed up on the landing page?
  15. To date, Lisa has relied on organic social posts to reach her audience. In what ways could Sal help Lisa expand her marketing strategy to different channels with Mailchimp?
  16. Lisa’s campaigns have been getting positive results for the last 6 months. How can Sal use the data they’ve collected over that time to engage contacts who have already purchased?
  17. Over time, Sal notices that a number of shoppers start the check-out process, but don’t complete their accessory purchases. What are some ways he can encourage these specific shoppers to return to complete their purchases?
  18. While reviewing campaign reports, Sal notices that the last email campaign had low click-through rates. What could he do to optimize and improve performance?
  19. As Lisa’s accessory business grows, her audience has expanded, too. Which Mailchimp smart recommendation tool can Sal use to make sure Lisa maintains a high email open rate?
  20. When they first meet, Drew tells Tobias that he usually sends all of his email campaigns to his entire subscriber list. With that in mind, what’s the first thing Tobias might do after he connects Drew’s account to his own?
  21. Tobias proposes that he and Drew create some email automations to send alongside his usual weekly email. However, Drew is used to doing things a certain way and needs convincing. What 3 benefits should Tobias highlight to Drew about what automations can accomplish?
  22. It’s been over 24 hours, and Drew wants to know how his campaign to reach new users is performing. Which of the following can Tobias track in the campaign’s report?
  23. Priya has a large email list—consisting of clients and people she’s met at networking events—but doesn’t keep record of anyone’s physical address. Aisha thinks that postcards would be a smart way to advertise, though, since Priya mostly works with local businesses. Is there a way for Aisha to create a postcard campaign with information Priya already has?
  24. As Priya works with many of her clients face-to-face, she’s often able to greet them by name. Which strategy should Aisha consider to ensure that Priya has this same ability in her marketing?
  25. Aisha receives a test email that Priya created herself and notices that she’s using an old company logo. What can she recommend to Priya to prevent this from happening in the future?
  26. Priya’s prospective clients often visit her website, but a majority of these visitors never contact her. What could Aisha do to specifically target these visitors? (Select 2.)
  27. Time passes and Priya’s website visitors are more active and engaged online! Aisha wants to help Priya build on this momentum. Which of the following would be best to grow her audience?
  28. Maria’s email campaign strategy is paying off—Helsinki is showing positive purchase trends. Maria decides it’s the right time to expand into Oslo with a multichannel campaign. Her client is on board, but would like to know the benefits of other channels. Which benefits should Maria highlight to her client for each of the channels below?
  29. While Drew’s current users are fairly engaged, he’s been having a hard time attracting new users on his own. Drew suggests that Tobias launch a digital ads campaign and increase his social posting. How could the channels below help Drew? (Match each channel with the correct answer.)
  30. While viewing reports, Tobias notices that email open rates have improved, with the most engaged subscribers coming from digital ads. In what order would Tobias complete the following steps when using the lookalike audience finder to help Drew target people who aren’t in his audience? (Drag into the correct order.)

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