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Amazon Ads Advanced Retail Certification Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: Amazon Ads Advanced Retail Certification

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  1. Which of the following growth levers can only be used by brand owners who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?
  2. In order to create an Amazon Store you must navigate to the ________.
  3. Which of the following metrics within Brand Metrics quantifies the amount of orders your brand has generated relative to your most comparable peers?
  4. ____ is a clean room solution, used to help measure retail performance in which advertisers can easily perform analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals as well as their own inputs.
  5. Which of the following statements about Amazon Stores is true?
  6. Banner images should be used to show your products in use as well as highlight your brand logo.
  7. What is the maximum amount of time a Prime exclusive discount can run for?
  8. Which of the following Amazon Ads solutions appear in multiple locations both on and off
  9. Arnav is an seller who wishes to offer a discount on eligible products when customers opt-in for auto-repeat delivery. What Amazon growth lever can Arnav leverage to achieve this?
  10. Organique is a beauty company who has reviewed the search query performance dashboard, and identified their brand share for clicks is low. Which of the following actions can they take to help drive clicks?
  11. Which of the following describes the value of the Amazon Brand Analytics Demographics report for brand owners?
  12. Which type of virtual bundle contains one or more components that cannot be purchased individually?
  13. Which type of product badge can help make browsing easier for customers by highlighting product recommendations and is based on a number of factors such as ratings, pricing, and availability?
  14. Márcia is looking to optimize their product listing through enhancing their A+ Content. Which of the following best practices could help improve their content?
  15. The return on engagement metric within Brand Metrics measures the average value to your brand based on a shopper's engagement in the prior 12 months.
  16. sellers must be registered as a professional seller, with at least five seller feedback ratings per month, and an overall rating of 3.5 stars or higher to offer Deals.
  17. Nutrition Co. wants to use influencers to promote products from their Amazon Store. Which type of promotional offering is best for Nutrition Co. to use?
  18. How can a selling partner apply a product badge to their product listings?
  19. Amazon Retail Analytics is a set of dashboards that lets vendors analyze sales and operational data, such as revenue and inventory levels.
  20. What can Amazon Attribution help brands achieve?
  21. Which of the following metrics are included on the top search terms report?
  22. Which of the following is the best example of an optimized title on a product detail page?
  23. Diego wishes to review the ordered revenue metric to identify the best selling products that contribute to their sales. Which of the following reports or dashboards can Diego use to find these insights?
  24. Kitchen Smart has just released a new suite of products and wants to drive customer awareness. Which Amazon program can Kitchen Smart leverage to generate more reviews to help meet their goal?
  25. Amazon Brand Analytics is available to all registered brands on Seller Central and Vendor Central.
  26. To offer a Prime exclusive discount, the discounted price must beat the lowest customer bought price for the product in the past 30 days.
  27. Which of the following tools in the Amazon Global Selling program helps sellers get paid in their local currency?
  28. Which of the following reports allow vendors to analyze projected demand for their products which can be used for production and inventory planning purposes?
  29. Which of the following criteria is a factor Amazon uses to choose the Featured Offer?
  30. When running a Demographics report, brands and customer categories need to have 100 or more unique customers in the selected time range to be included in the analysis.
  31. Which of the following tools allows advertisers and partners to programmatically manage campaign planning, creative asset development, and advertising optimization?
  32. Basic A+ Content includes which of the following attributes?
  33. How can selling partners use A+ Content to help improve retail readiness?
  34. What type of content is created once for all product detail pages that a brand owns and is meant to complement A+ Content?
  35. When using Amazon Posts, it is unnecessary for you to specify where your posts should be displayed, as they will automatically be placed based on relevance and shopping engagement.
  36. Which of the following considerations should be taken into account when selling in a new marketplace through an Amazon store?
  37. Which of the following is criteria for Professional Sellers to become eligible for the Featured Offer?
  38. Iris is an seller who sells refurbished cameras and televisions. They want to offer a Coupon to help drive product awareness during the holidays, but when they go to set up the Coupon, they get a notice that they are unable to offer this type of promotional offering. Which of the following reasons is why Iris is unable to offer Coupons to their customers?
  39. Zhang is a seller on who is using the Brand Follow feature for their Amazon Store. How can Zhang benefit from utilizing the Brand Follow feature?
  40. Accent Athletics recently started using Amazon Live, how can they use this tool to further engage with customers?
  41. What does the repeat purchase behavior report primarily focus on?
  42. Where are Lightning Deals displayed?
  43. Which of the following dashboards can help a vendor to discover any profitability issues due to market pricing or other factors that would impact their Featured Offer?
  44. Kitchen Smart is an seller that wishes to run a promotional offering to help get customers to purchase complementary items together and get rid of some surplus inventory. Which type of promotional offering would be best for Kitchen Smart to run?
  45. How can selling partners use the insights on the search catalog performance dashboard to help improve impressions?
  46. What insights can you access on the Amazon Retail Analytics inventory report?
  47. Which of the following types of promotional offerings can help drive sales by offerings limited-time savings?
  48. Only vendors invited by are eligible to create Coupons for customers.
  49. When you participate in different promotional events, you can incorporate elements unique to local events in your listings based on the events’ characteristics.
  50. Which of the following is required for vendors to be eligible to offer Deals?
  51. Vendors can set up international selling on their own on Vendor Central under the Global Selling tab.
  52. What does the awareness index within Brand Metrics measure?
  53. Sponsored Display ads will keep running if your products are no longer available to purchase or are no longer the Featured Offer.
  54. When is a Coupon considered redeemed by customers?
  55. When creating an Amazon Store, a dedicated URL is created for your brand.
  56. Kitchen Smart wants to highlight a new, non-stick pan in a high-energy, engaging, video format. Which of the following programs should they consider using?
  57. Which metric can you find on the Amazon Retail Analytics traffic dashboard?
  58. Which advertising and analytics measurement solution helps gives marketers insights into how non-Amazon marketing channels perform on
  59. Kitchen Smart is a kitchen appliance company who wants to launch a new product. Which tool can they use to help identify unmet audience demand and create a new product to fit current audience needs?
  60. Which type of Deal requires the product to be selected by the Amazon Deals team and cannot be created by a selling partner?
  61. What does the click rate (CTR) on the search catalog performance dashboard include?
  62. Which of the following tools offers customers a way to personalize their shopping experience on, by elevating placements of products and content from brands they follow?
  63. Which of the following reports allows brand owners to look up a specific keyword to see the products that customers are clicking on after searching?
  64. How can the insights from the market basket analysis report be used to help increase basket size?
  65. Jack and Jill is a clothing company running a Sponsored Brands campaign. Midway through the campaign their Featured Offer status changes and they are no longer the Featured Offer. How will Jack and Jill's campaign be affected?
  66. The only way for sellers to be eligible to offer Promotions, is to be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.
  67. An optimized primary image on a product detail page has an all-white background, with the product filling at least 80% of the image area, and no text on the image.
  68. Which of the following Promotion types list the original price, the sale price, and the amount saved on the product detail page?
  69. What does an active selling partner need to do to participate in Prime Day?
  70. Organique is running a Sponsored Products campaign for multiple products. Mid-campaign, their most popular product sells out and is now out of stock. How will Organique's ad be affected?
  71. What can sellers and vendors use to gain valuable information about their sales and customers behavior?
  72. When considering to expand globally through an Amazon marketplace, why is proficiency in the local language necessary?
  73. Paulo is an vendor who wants to programmatically access their retail information on listings, orders, payments, and reports as they scale. Which API would be appropriate for Paulo to use?
  74. In order for an brand owner to use the Subscribe & Save feature, they must use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and their account must be in good standing.
  75. All selling partners can offer Subscribe & Save discounts, regardless of account standing.
  76. How many global marketplaces does the Amazon store operate in?
  77. Products selected for promotional offerings should be top-performing and already have a large number of positive reviews, good conversion rate, and a high ranking.
  78. Jane is an author who sells her books on Jane wants to run a Promotion but realizes she is unable to. Which of the following reasons is prohibiting Jane from running a Promotion?
  79. Which type of Deal runs for a full day and often offers a larger discount on a higher price point item?
  80. Which Deal type has the shortest offer run period?
  81. Which of the following requirements must be met in order for vendors to offer a Promotion?
  82. Mary is a vendor who wants to make sure their product listing is eligible for the Featured Offer. They’ve checked stock availability, compliance documents, and pricing. What is the last required criteria Mary should check to ensure they are eligible for the Featured Offer?
  83. Wang is editing the customizable section of their product detail page to include charts, image carousels, and videos. What type of content is this known as?
  84. How are fees charged to sellers when running a Lightning Deal?
  85. Which of the following fees are required to be paid by selling partners and included in the total cost of running Coupons?

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