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The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Profitable Small Business Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Profitable Small Business

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  1. You should separate your banking accounts between personal and business
  2. What Semrush tool can you use to research your business category and competition?
  3. Choose six elements of a good business plan.
  4. Fill in the blank: All business have _______ and ________
  5. What is an easy way to validate your business idea?
  6. When structuring a business legally, most SMBs go with:
  7. When choosing a color palette for your business
  8. Your domain name should be long, but memorable
  9. Should you pick a keyword rich domain name or a branded one?
  10. When gathering design inspiration for your new website
  11. What free WordPress plugin will help you create your website?
  12. What marketing tactic gives you the best results for the least amount of effort?
  13. When optimizing your pages for SEO, aim for 100-150 words
  14. Which Semrush tool can help you analyze your writing and keywords?
  15. Uploading a video on YouTube with your keyphrase and embedding it on your website will hinder your Google rankings.
  16. What is the most important factor for ranking in Google Maps?
  17. Adding additional business categories to your profile will dilute your ranking potential.
  18. What are the three most important elements of your Google Business Profile that are within your control?
  19. What tool will help you generate a unique Google review link?
  20. What are some good places to share your Google review link or QR code? (check all that apply)
  21. Google’s guidelines strictly enforce not incentivizing reviews
  22. When is the best time to ask a customer for a review?
  23. What ratio should your education and sales content output be?
  24. Content marketing is sales driven
  25. Which stage of the sales funnel should your content encourage leads to convert?
  26. For every $1 you put into your email marketing, how much can you get back?
  27. Why is it a good idea to clean out your email list every few months?
  28. What is a great way to get a lot of attention fast on social media?
  29. What should you be sharing on your LinkedIn feed? (check all that apply)
  30. How much money should you spend on a video ad?

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