Advanced Content Marketing with Brian Dean Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: Advanced Content Marketing with Brian Dean

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  1. What is an RLL?
  2. What factors go into a successful RLL? Choose three answers.
  3. “Great blog posts aren’t written, they’re \_\_\_”
  4. Which blog post template is ideal for publishing large quantities of content at once?
  5. Which blog post template is all about data-driven content?
  6. Which two blog post templates are designed for sharing case study material?
  7. Which approach to content promotion is focused on sharing a specific piece of content?
  8. What is “The Anti-Share” promotional technique?
  9. Which promotional strategy is ideal for building long-term relationships?
  10. When promoting content using an email newsletter, your message should be…
  11. What’s the best way to see dramatic conversion rate improvements?
  12. When it comes to building your blog’s email list, which are the 4 key pages to focus on?
  13. What are “category resources”?
  14. Which type of popup tends to be least annoying?
  15. What’s the #1 factor that goes into a successful product launch?

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