Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean Exam Answers 2024


Exam Name: Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean

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  1. What is the main SEO benefit of digital PR?
  2. What is a “Source Magnet”?
  3. What is the first step of creating a Source Magnet?
  4. What three criteria should a potential Source Magnet topic meet? Choose three answers.
  5. Why is it ideal to choose trending, untapped topics for PR campaigns? Choose two answers.
  6. What are the three main Source Magnet formats? Choose three answers.
  7. What is the first step when it comes to choosing data points for your Source Magnet?
  8. Which three factors should be considered when choosing a potential data point? Choose three answers.
  9. Which is one of the three “keys” for collecting data for an industry study?
  10. What is the (approximate) ideal number of data points for a Source Magnet?
  11. What is the ideal intro formula for your Source Magnet Report?
  12. What writing style is ideal for a Source Magnet Report?
  13. How many expert quotes should you add to your Source Magnet Report?
  14. Which three criteria should you use when scaling the generation of Source Magnet topics? Choose three answers.
  15. When choosing between potential stat terms, you should decide largely based on:

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