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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course Solutions

If you have appropriate knowledge regarding a niche, you can create valuable content for your customers. Inbound marketing is the process of attracting and nurturing the leads by providing them value through your content. This value will help in trust-building, and within a time frame, the cold lead will change to your potential buyer. Inbound marketing proceeds with a problem-solving approach. If you solve your customers’ problems, they will trust you and buy your product or service.

To teach this concept of problem-solving to marketers, HubSpot provides a specially tailored Inbound Marketing Course.

About the Inbound Marketing Course

This course is designed to teach the technique of the problem-solving of your customers. It is a module of 34 videos which will make you proficient in the following:-

  • You will get to learn the overall view of inbound marketing
  • How to formulate a proper functional inbound marketing strategy.
  • How to attract a customer who listens and values your content?
  • How to manage an appropriate relationship with your customers
  • Advance inbound marketers tactics.

inbound marketing certification

After learning all the tricks and tactics, you need to pass the test. After passing the test, you are ready to execute your inbound marketing skills, and the certificate provided will be proof of your skills.

Motive Behind providing HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification Exam Solutions

Inbound marketing cannot be leaned within a day. The efforts you need to put to prove yourself a successful inbound marketer is very high. You need to practice and execute your strategies every day. In the same way, you also need to practice your knowledge thoroughly before giving the test. We are providing the latest questions asked in the Inbound Marketing Certification Exam along with its solution. Try to use these only as your practice material, not as a way of cheating.

If you need any help with the content provided, feel free to contact us. We wish you all the very best for your exam. Happy Marketing!!!

Numbers of questions provided – 100

  1. All of the following are examples of a SMART goal EXCEPT:
  2. Which of the following is NOT a category you should organize your content audit by?
  3. True or false? A customer’s buying journey is ever-evolving. You should make updates as you learn more about your buyer persona.
  4. Fill In The Blank: __________ Allows You To Understand What Users Want, Care About, And Interact With On Your Site By Visually Representing Their Clicks, Taps, And Scrolling Behavior.
  5. True or false? Sprinkling in relevant content offers on your 10x content pillar page can help your buyer personas continue educating themselves through the buyer’s journey.
  6. All of the following are helpful ways to promote your pillar pages on your website EXCEPT:
  7. Fill in the blank: _________ is Google’s machine-learning artificial intelligence system that interprets people’s searches to find pages that might not have the exact words they searched for.
  8. True or false? It’s recommended that you offer the content on a 10x content pillar page as a packaged downloadable resource.
  9. True or false? A resource pillar page should only be made up of internal website links.
  10. True or false? Social media is a key driver for word-of-mouth marketing.
  11. There are many benefits to having a social media strategy. Which answer is NOT one of them?
  12. True or false? A buyer persona is as important as business objectives when developing a social media strategy.
  13. True or false? One of the best uses of Twitter is networking in private groups.
  14. Which network has the longest life for a piece of content?
  15. On which social network should you share content most frequently?
  16. What is Snapchat’s largest age demographic?
  17. What is social listening? (Duplicate 1)
  18. What is social listening? (Duplicate 2)
  19. What is social monitoring? (Duplicate 1)
  20. What is social monitoring? (Duplicate 2)
  21. What is social engagement? (Duplicate 1)
  22. What is social engagement? (Duplicate 2)
  23. True or false? Social listening can help you find leads.
  24. True or false? Social Content is only used during the attract and delight stages of the inbound methodology.
  25. Fill in the blank: If you plan to do real-time marketing, you’ll need to use __________.
  26. Fill in the blank: Instagram stories are a great way to _____________.
  27. True or false? It’s necessary to conduct a social media audit every 2-3 years.
  28. All of the following are metrics you need to track in your social media audit EXCEPT:
  29. What is a social media audit?
  30. True or false? Prospects who follow a company’s social channels are more likely to convert into customers.
  31. What is the definition of lead nurturing?
  32. What is lead nurturing’s three-pronged approach for delivering helpful content?
  33. Lead nurturing is focused on providing value to your leads by offering the information they need at the right time. Which stage of the inbound methodology does lead nurturing primarily occur?
  34. If a contact downloads your newsletter titled, “The Best Ways to Create Subject Lines for Email,” what would be the best next step to continue the conversation with this contact?
  35. What are three key elements that any lead nurturing strategy will need?
  36. Contact management is an important piece of lead nurturing because it helps you understand the contacts you’re reaching out to. What is the definition of contact management?
  37. When creating segments for your lead nurturing campaigns, you need to understand who your personas are and where they are in the buyer’s journey allows you to decide what types of content they need. What are the three stages of the buyer’s journey?
  38. When creating a lead nurturing campaign, there are five steps to providing value to your prospects. The first two steps are setting goals and selecting personas. What are the last three steps for creating an effective lead nurturing campaign?
  39. True or false? You can nurture both your leads and your customers.
  40. Fill in the blank: You set out to have 15 of your unengaged leads click a link to a resource article by the end of your month-long workflow. This is an example of a __________.
  41. What is a conversation?
  42. Where do conversations fit into your inbound marketing strategy?
  43. What is a conversational growth strategy?
  44. Why are conversations important in an inbound strategy?
  45. What are the steps to implementing a conversational growth strategy?
  46. Which three elements are important to consider when determining if you should start to automate a conversation on your website?
  47. What role does optimization play in your conversational growth strategy?
  48. What is shared knowledge?
  49. True or false? In relation to reporting, “data in” is the data you collect, either by asking for it explicitly or gathering it through analytics implicitly.
  50. True or False? In relation to reporting, “data out” is data you collect, either by asking for it explicitly or gathering it through analytics implicitly.
  51. True or false? An effective conversion path must include a landing page.
  52. How do you calculate a conversion rate?
  53. Each of these examples is a great way to prevent too much distraction in your conversion path EXCEPT:
  54. What is the difference between reporting and analytics?
  55. What are SMART goals?
  56. Define a conversion path.
  57. What are the steps for creating a conversion path?
  58. You’re trying to calculate the conversion rate on one of your forms. 600 people visited your landing page, but only 50 visitors submitted the form. What is the conversion rate of your form?
  59. True or false? Conversion optimization is NOT an iterative process.
  60. True or false? Conversion optimization can positively impact your return on investment.
  61. What is conversion optimization?
  62. What are the steps of conversion optimization?
  63. How long should you let your conversion optimization experiments run (on average)?
  64. You’re tasked with improving the conversion rate on your product and services page over time. You think that changing the page’s copy will positively impact the overall conversion rate. Which of the following is an example of a good hypothesis for this optimization experiment?
  65. What is SCOPE?
  66. What is the definition of a buyer persona?
  67. True or false? A call-to-action must be a button.
  68. What is another commonly used term for conversion optimization?
  69. Marketing automation is a key piece of lead nurturing because it’s how you deliver information. How is marketing automation defined?
  70. Fill in the blank: If lead nurturing is the content, then segmentation is __________.
  71. Situational example: You are tasked with generating twice the amount of qualified leads your company generated last quarter. With your company’s bottom line and return on investment in mind, what’s the most strategic avenue to choose?
  72. Fill in the blank: Contact management is a __________.
  73. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of having a social media strategy?
  74. True or false? It’s necessary to conduct a social media audit every 2–3 years.
  75. Fill in the blank: __________ visually represents users’ clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior so that you can understand what users want, care about, and interact with on your site.
  76. What are the three stages of the buyer’s journey?
  77. What does the acronym SMART stand for in SMART goals?
  78. Conversion optimization is __________.
  79. You are tasked with generating twice the amount of qualified leads your company generated last quarter. With your company’s bottom line and return on investment in mind, which of the following is the most strategic approach to take?
  80. You work for a travel agency and need to write your next blog post. What topic should you write about to attract families that have never heard of you and are looking to take a vacation?
  81. Your boss wants a report on the success of your blog. What information should you NOT analyze?
  82. When creating a blog title, why do the number of characters in the title matter?
  83. Your boss wants you to blog primarily about your company news, its services, and various corporate events. What is your response?
  84. What are some reasons to have a Facebook business page rather than a personal page? Choose all that apply.
  85. Why would you want to conduct a social media audit? Choose all that apply.
  86. Where might you consider placing links to your social media channels?
  87. The five fundamentals of inbound marketing are:
  88. Why is goal setting important to inbound marketing?
  89. What is a contact?
  90. True or false? Marketing only occurs during the Attract stage of the inbound methodology.
  91. When identifying buyer’s journey content for a long-term content strategy, it’s important to focus on content for which stage(s)?
  92. What three criteria should you use when deciding to automate a conversation on your website?
  93. Which of the following questions can help you determine which channel is right for you?
  94. Each example below is a great way to prevent too much distraction in your conversion path EXCEPT:
  95. Which of the following would be the most appropriate call-to-action to place at the bottom of an awareness-stage blog post?
  96. All of the following elements will help readers easily digest the content of a blog post EXCEPT:
  97. What is an example of a great value offer?
  98. Fill In The Blank: A Conversion Path Is The Method By Which You Encourage Someone To __________.
  99. What Area(S) Can You Experiment With When You’re Optimizing A Conversion Opportunity?
  100. What Does A Content Compass Helps Organize Monthly Initiatives By?

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