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Get Started On Twitter Badge Certification Assessment Answers 2024


Exam Name: Get Started On Twitter Badge

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  1. The Twitter Rules are centered around three primary areas:
  2. What are some good things to highlight in your pinned Tweet? (select three)
  3. How many characters can be used in your Twitter Bio?
  4. How many characters can be used in a Tweet?
  5. True or False. On Twitter, the word 'Tweet' can be used as a verb or a noun.
  6. Match the following terms to their definitions.
  7. What are the types of enforcement that may be used if someone violates the Twitter rules? (select three)
  8. Creating _________ are key in guiding you on how to plan and create relevant content.
  9. ________ are a great way to drive engagement and learn more about what your followers like.
  10. True or False. You can promote or encourage suicide or self-harm on Twitter as long as you disable replies.
  11. What are the three types of content we recommend you create when trying to connect with cultural moments on Twitter? (select three)
  12. What three things are essential to building a solid Twitter content strategy? (select three)
  13. When you see a questionable Tweet in your timeline, how can you take action? (select four)
  14. What are three things you can do to esnure your account stays secure? (select three)
  15. True or False. If we take account against your account, you can appeal the decision through our Twitter Help Center.
  16. What does TAD stand for?
  17. ________ are a great way to tell longer-form, curated stories on Twitter.
  18. True or False. People are allowed to create parody, newsfeed, commentary, and fan accounts on Twitter provided that the accounts follow certain requirements.
  19. Tapping this icon allows you to change the content of your Home Timeline. You can choose to show the latest Tweets from the people and topics you follow or Top Tweets curated by us.
  20. _________ are Tweets paid for by our advertisers.
  21. True or False. You may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people. We also prohibit the glorification of violence.
  22. What are the main ways to track your success on Twitter? (select three)
  23. What feature allows you to tailor search results to specific date ranges, people, and more?
  24. When searching Twitter, how would you see the most recent content related to your search term(s) that people have shared on Twitter.
  25. When using Conversation Settings, what are the options you have for controlling who can reply to your Tweets? (select three)
  26. True or False. In addition to signing up with your email address, you can also use your phone number when creating your Twitter account.
  27. When creating video content, where should you place your logo?
  28. What are some of the most basic ways to interact with content on Twitter? (select three)
  29. _________ is a unique place within the Twitter UI that gives you instant access to topics and conversations that are popular amongst people on Twitter worldwide.
  30. We believe the majority—if not all—of your content should be capped at _____.
  31. True or False. You can grant different levels of permissions to multiple users, who will be able to access your Twitter Ads account while logged into their own personal handle.
  32. _________ displays a stream of Tweets from accounts and Topics you've chosen to follow on Twitter.
  33. What are the recommended dimensions for your Twitter profile picture?
  34. _________ is a unique feature of Twitter's desktop experience. Here you'll find the latest Tweets and stories that are trending on Twitter.
  35. How many characters can be used in your display name?
  36. What tool allows you to create real-time audio conversations with other people on Twitter?
  37. This dashboard features high-level statistics and is a gallery of your greatest hits.
  38. If your account is compromised, one of the first things you should do is…
  39. What are three ways you can improve your Twitter bio? (select three)
  40. How can you ensure your parody account is in compliance with Twitter's policies? (select two)
  41. Where should you go for the most up-to-date statistics on the actions we're taking on Twitter?
  42. When writing your Tweets, you should consider… (choose three)
  43. What tool gives you the power to decide who can reply to your Tweets.
  44. Following ________ are a great way to stay on top of the conversations related to the subjects you care about most.
  45. _________ should be an ever-changing billboard showcasing what’s new with your brand or organization.
  46. A _______ is a message sent directly from one Twitter account to another.
  47. A _______ is a topic or hashtag algorithmically determined to be one of the most popular topics on Twitter at any given moment.
  48. When logged in to or via our mobile app, you can access on-the-spot analytics by finding and tapping on the ________
  49. What type of content allows you to record an audio message and share it with your followers?
  50. You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes. This includes posting or sharing content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process.

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