Activate Customer-Centric Assessment Answers 2021

Exam Name: Activate customer-centric Assessment

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  1. Your manager thinks the detail you’ve used in your customer portraits isn’t necessary. What should you do next?
  2. What is the risk to a brand if it wants to be everything to every possible customer?
  3. What would you recommend for a company that wasn’t yet clear who their target is or their unique benefit?
  4. You received some feedback that your team thinks you missed some vital micro-moments. What do you do to find the ones you missed?
  5. Imagine you were explaining how to stay relevant in the digital ecosystem. What would be the most important point to get across?
  6. You’ve been asked to identify micro-moments for a new automotive client. Where do you start?
  7. What is the main difference between a traditional campaign brief and a digital-first one?
  8. Why is a digital-first brief an important part of the campaign process?
  9. The other day you were searching for electronic music schools and visited some related sites. A few days later you were curious about how many calories were in the curry rice you had at lunch and searched “calories in curry rice”. You landed on a site with nutritional tips and noticed a display ad for an electronic music school. You decide to click on it. What signal was likely used to target you with this ad?
  10. Louise, who works for a computer company, sent her loyal customers and brand fans a display ad with this message: “For your first purchase, get a discount” display ad. Why didn’t this work?
  11. What would be the best format and message for a women’s clothing retailer in the “Do” stage?
  12. You work for a perfume company and identified a customer portrait for young, working moms who are fans of organic, natural products. How would you target them during the “Think” stage of See, Think, Do, Care?
  13. Imagine you created a sponsored post for your target audience. The post linked to a detailed side-by-side comparison of your product suite. You noticed that you received very little traffic. What principle would you need to strengthen?
  14. To capture the “Do” stage for a marketing campaign selling men’s razors, you invited users who watched your entire pre-roll ad to sign up for a newsletter on male grooming trends. The results were dismal. Why?

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