How to Write a Good Introduction for an Essay: Expert Tips for Students


expert tips for students

The argumentative essay is one of the types of independent student work, aimed at acquiring skills in scientific activity. Its purpose is to summarize and systematize the knowledge and practical skills of students to conduct research, justify its relevance, choose a certain approach to solving the problem, research, and design of the results based on acquired knowledge and skills. In the process of completing a college essay the student must:

  • Substantiate the relevance, reveal the content and essence of the chosen research topic, based on the knowledge gained from the studied disciplines and analysis of selected sources;
  • Master the methods of working with special literature, systematization, and generalization of the collected material;
  • Conduct a critical analysis of different points of view and develop own position to solve the problem;
  • If possible, evaluate practical experience, developments, proposals, and recommendations on the selected topic;
  • Perform the tasks related to the studied phenomenon;
  • Formulate and substantiate conclusions and recommendations on the essence of the problem;
  • Comply with the requirements for references to used sources and requirements for the general design of the paper.

Useful Essay Writing Guide: Create a Unique Introductory Part

Solving the above tasks allows the student to fully and consistently reveal the content of the chosen topic of the persuasive paper. However, it is not always possible to solve them successfully and without problems. There often are various writing and editing difficulties that need to be overcome. Creating a good introduction is a particular challenge. This part should be written in such a way as to draw the reader’s attention to the problem under consideration as much as possible. Therefore, special attention must be paid to its completion. Read below for expert tips on how to write a great English essay introduction quickly and efficiently:

  1. The introduction should have the following composition: relevance (why the topic is interesting), object and subject of research, degree of scientific development of the topic, research purpose, objectives, methods, the structure of the work (introduction, number of sections, conclusions, list of sources and literature, the total number of pages in the work);
  2. The task of the introductory part is to orient the reader in the subject of the work, present the topic of the work and the research task, and explain how important or interesting it is to address a specific topic. It is desirable to present the relevance of the topic in the form of critical analysis and ways to solve the problem, justifying the importance of work for the development of a particular field of knowledge, activities;
  3. A mandatory part of the introduction is a review of the literature on the topic, revealing its research degree. As a rule, the review includes the most valuable, relevant, thorough materials, a total of no more than 15 sources;
  4. It is not necessary to provide a complete bibliographic description of the considered publications in the literature review. It is enough to name the author and the title and indicate the link. The review should be completed with a brief conclusion on the degree of development of the topic and an emphasis on its unexplained aspects;
  5. Determining the practical significance of the results, it is necessary to provide information on the use of research results or recommendations for their use;
  6. The writing of the introduction ends with a description of the structure of the essay. It is recommended to indicate the main content of sections and subsections;
  7. The final editing of the introductory part of the work should be performed at the final stage of preparation of the paper when the research problem is fully disclosed.

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