Make engaging mobile messages Assessment Answers 2021

Exam Name: Make engaging mobile messages Assessment

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  1. What would be the best way to explain what a sensor is to a new intern at your company?
  2. What are the best sensors to use if you wanted to make an app that lets users virtually experience a new car?
  3. What are the key sensors involved in viewing 360 degree video?
  4. Which extensions can help drive installs of your mobile app?
  5. Which of the following isn’t a sensor?
  6. In a push to lift your company’s brand reputation, you created a game that your clients could play to earn store credit.
    What would be the purpose of an app like this?
  7. Call-only ads are like ad call extensions in that they let you start a call with a touch.
    How are they different from ad call extensions?
  8. You are working on a campaign for a bike courier company who wants to provide meaningful utility to their customers.
    What do you recommend?
  9. If your fashion retail client wanted an app that gave users the same experience as a runway model performing a show, what would you be creating?
  10. What are the best sensors to use to send a discount offer to someone walking past your retail outlet?

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