Selling Jamboards Assessment Answers 2021

Exam Name: Selling Jamboards Assessment

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  1. What is something the Jamboard app can do that a physical Jamboard cannot?
  2. How much does a Jamboard License Cost?
  3. What is something the physical Jamboard can do that the Jamboard app cannot?
  4. What does a Jamboard License cover?
  5. Which are examples of great use cases for using Jamboards?
  6. What is the list price of Jamboard?
  7. Which is required to enroll a Jamboard?
  8. What technology is integrated into the Jamboard Stylus?
  9. Where does a Jam session save to?
  10. What benefits does a Jamboard offer in the enterprise collaboration space?
  11. What screen size is the Jamboard offered in?

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