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SEMrush Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Examination Solutions

Those who are in the field of digital marketing know very well that what is the importance of a keyword for the growth of the website. Some people ignore the fact of adding a keyword to the website and later think of the reason that why they are not getting a proper audience. That is why to tell the marketers and website owners the importance of keywords and analysis of competitors, SEMrush has rolled out this course.

What’s inside the course?

All those who want to join the course want to know that what is present inside the course. Such people should read the below-mentioned information.

  • The first module is related to competitive analysis, in which the importance of the analysis along with the tips through which a person can perform it is shown. Like in the normal business, there is the importance of analysis of activities of the customer; in the same way, it is important to analyze the competitor in the online market also.
  • After that, a person is taught in detail about keyword research. They are told the importance and, after that, how to use the SEMrush tool for finding the best keyword for their business and how to use them also.
    After a person learns everything, then they have to take a test which will help them get a certificate. It is an industry-recognized certificate that can increase the weightage of a person’s resume.

The motive behind providing SEMrush Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Examination Solutions

The sole motive is to help the mentees who are not able to pass the exam due to lack of practice. There is no practice material due to which we are providing the latest questions asked in the exam along with its answers solved by industry experts.

In case any person faces any issue with a question or its answer, then they should feel free to contact us.

  1. Which position change will potentially lead to a higher traffic boost?
  2. You are running a brand new website, and are now analyzing your competitor’s website to build your initial keyword list. Choose two optimal scenarios.
  3. Fill in the blanks. When it comes to content benchmarking, there are several tools that can help you out. _______ enables you to see how certain articles perform in terms of visibility and user engagement metrics. _______ helps find resources your competitors use to publish their content. _______ can help you find if a certain topic is covered by your competitors.
  4. Which metric indicates how hard it is to rank for a certain keyword in organic search?
  5. Which report will give you the best idea of how to choose a partner that has the highest chance of bringing you the highest conversion in your target location?
  6. With the help of the Backlink Gap tool, you can find the list of high authority domains that refer to your competitors but not to you.
  7. Which metric does the Y axis reflect on the Organic Position Distribution widget in Domain Overview?
  8. What type of keywords will help you to enrich your website’s semantic core with synonyms and misspellings?
  9. Which reports deal with the keyword difficulty metric? Choose three answers.
  10. What is the ‘Destination Sites’ report of Traffic Analytics all about?

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