Video in Campaign Manager Assessment Answers 2021

Exam Name: Video in Campaign Manager Assessment

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  1. What information is packaged in a Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) tag?
  2. You want to know how many viewers watched your entire 20-second ad.
    Which metric do you reference?
  3. You’re trafficking to two different publishers. One publisher does not accept .mov files.
    What do you do?
  4. When trafficking your campaign in Campaign Manager, what action do you complete first?
  5. Your client is comparing the music in two video creatives and wants to know how many times viewers muted their audio.
    In what category can you find this metric in Report Builder?
  6. Hannah’s video ad is not rendering properly in her publisher’s video player.
    What should Hannah do to troubleshoot the problem?
  7. Your campaign uses geographic targeting.
    How do you ensure your ad always has an eligible ad to serve on mobile devices?
  8. What quality of video should you upload to Campaign Manager so it transcodes it into as many sizes as possible?
  9. Samir is using Campaign Manager to run video ads for his agency’s clients. His clients want to run new creative.
    How will Samir execute this request?
  10. Whose video specifications are the most important for advertisers to follow?
  11. What type of video ad would an advertiser use to target users who are watching streaming video content?

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