Waze Local Advanced Assessment Answers 2019

Exam Name: Waze Local Advanced Assessment

Exam URL: https://shorturl4u.com/cB

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  1. Waze users spend how many minutes per day, two to three times per day on the app?
  2. To whom do we offer custom Creative for Waze Local campaigns?
  3. What are among the top advertiser categories on Waze Local?
  4. When designing Waze Local ads, all brand messaging and creative assets should be _______?
  5. What do the Waze Dashboards allow you to do?
  6. What additional performance tracking metrics does the Waze Local Plus Dashboard include?
  7. Almost ⅓ of the Wazers you reach on Waze Local live within how many miles of your business?
  8. On average, what navigational increase do businesses experience when they advertise on Waze Local?
  9. What types of aggregated performance reports can you receive in the Waze Local Plus Dashboard?
  10. Which of the following is NOT considered a user Action in the Waze Dashboards?

  11. Copy for Waze Local campaigns should follow a recommended character limit of _______?
  12. What should you consider to write a high-impact, aligned CTA for your Waze Local ad?
  13. In designing your Waze Local Creative, you’re encouraged to think of your Waze ads as which of the following?
  14. Waze Local’s “billboards with a digital backbone”? reach drivers where?
  15. What account management capabilities does the Waze Local Plus Dashboard offer?
  16. What types of account management capabilities does the Waze Local Starter Dashboard offer?
  17. If a client wanted to reach drivers for a Wednesday afternoon only campaign, could they do this?
  18. Which file type(s) can you use for your Waze Local ad Creative?