Prepare for a programmatic world Assessment Answers 2021

Exam Name: Prepare for a programmatic world Assessment

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  1. Which isn’t available from a DoubleClick product?
  2. You’ve been building a programmatic campaign and all teams just signed off on the brief.
    What’s the next step in the process?
  3. All but one of the below roles would be great to have in place and help boost the programmatic capability of your team.
    Which one is it?
  4. Peter sees in his team’s data that many of the people that converted were exposed to a display campaign they ran. So they concluded the display campaign was a success.
    What did they forget to take into account?
  5. You’ve been asked to explain to a new intern the things that you can test and things you can’t.
    Which question would be least suitable to determine with a test?
  6. When combining programmatic products, what are the main benefits?
  7. You’ve defined your campaigns and want access to premium inventory, with exclusive access to publisher data/audience data.

    Which deal type would best suit your requirements?

  8. Why would you choose to participate in the Ad Exchange Open Auction?
  9. Imagine you are building a dynamic video campaign to create awareness for a new vitamin drink.
    One of the tools in this list below won’t help you. Which one is it?
  10. If you wanted to better understand your customer’s overall site behavior, including your site and other browsing they may do online, which two products would solve that problem?

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