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  1. Which of the following describes YouTube for performance?
  2. Detailed Demographic targeting on YouTube leverages Google Search and Maps Search signals.
  3. What type of advertiser is a good fit for YouTube for Performance (YT4P)?
  4. A client wants to re-engage with people in their CRM database that have bought something from the website in the past six months. What is the best targeting solution?
  5. What YouTube platform innovation is a subscription-based video and music experience, where users can watch videos free of ads, as well as save videos to watch offline on mobile devices?
  6. With consumers consulting dozens of resources in varying sequences before making a purchase, it is impossible to attribute conversions from people who viewed an ad on their YouTube mobile app then converted on their mobile web browser or on a different device.
  7. 95% of the videos on YouTube are watched with the sound on.
  8. A client wants to leverage the popularity of content creators as part of their influencer strategy to build greater loyalty. What resource would help them understand who the most popular creators are within their market?
  9. What is the easiest way for users to update their own interests?
  10. Custom Intent Audiences allow advertisers to reach users on YouTube that were previously searching for particular queries across which of the following properties?
  11. YouTube is the second most viewable video destination globally.
  12. Which ad format typically has the lowest CPM among in-stream video ads and is also eligible to serve more frequently, particularly on mobile devices?
  13. A client wants to reach F18-34. Which targeting option would you recommend?
  14. TrueView for action is a non-skippable video ad on YouTube that is always bought on a CPV basis.
  15. This ad product can appear on the YouTube homepage, watch pages, or search results pages.
  16. Which objective is met by data showing that longer watchtime leads to improved brand metrics?
  17. What is the industry-leading 3P solution that can be compared to Unique Reach?
  18. Viewability guarantees that a client’s ad will be seen.
  19. A beauty advertiser wants a consistent presence in the beauty and fashion category, especially when viewers are searching for educational and how-to videos. Which ad product would best serve their needs?
  20. What can be done to make sure Active View metrics are available for a YouTube campaign?
  21. A client wants to reach people who are passionate about beauty. What is the best targeting solution?
  22. What is a key value proposition of Unique Reach?
  23. Standard Reserve is billed on a cost-per-view pricing model.
  24. A client is looking to own the football category on YouTube for the launch of their new line of athletic shoes, reaching males 18-49. As part of this campaign launch, they’ve developed ads that are 45-seconds long. Which ad product addresses the client’s needs?
  25. A brand wants to know how they can benefit from the popularity of YouTube creators. Choose the best response.
  26. Identify the platform innovation that takes users on an augmented adventure, immersing them in a simple, premium mobile experience.
  27. Store Visits for YouTube allows you to measure how YouTube ads influence offline visits.
  28. An advertiser has never used YouTube as a performance platform before and is looking to set up their first campaign. Which of the following expectations should you set? Select all that apply.
  29. In which of the following scenarios would you NOT recommend using conversion lift for YouTube?
  30. When using TrueView for action, advertisers need to choose between implementing a headline or a call-to-action.
  31. YouTube for Performance allows advertisers to optimize towards lower-funnel actions, aside from driving cost efficient views.
  32. How are Store Visits for YouTube attributed?
  33. How does TrueView for action differ from standard TrueView in-stream?
  34. A luxury travel agency is looking to target their new package trips to Mauritius to audiences who are researching destination guides on YouTube. Which type of targeting would you recommend?
  35. An advertiser is considering TrueView for action. In order for their performance to be as effective as possible, which of following requirements should be met?
  36. TrueView in-stream video views count towards an advertiser’s total YouTube view count.
  37. A client is planning a new product launch on the final day of a major tennis tournament and wants massive reach over a short period of time. Which ad product would allow this to happen?
  38. Which type of advertiser would find bumpers to be a good solution for their objective?
  39. Where does a YouTube Masthead ad unit run?
  40. Outstream ads are forced impressions.
  41. Outstream ads are billed on a viewable CPM.
  42. Outstream video ads serve within a video stream.
  43. How many sites does a user need to go to before they’re considered a “sports enthusiast” by Google?
  44. A credit card client wants to find new, high-value customers using their data. What is the best audience solution?
  45. Google updates audience segment data on a yearly basis.
  46. A fast food chain wants to reach people on YouTube who frequently dine out for breakfast. What is the best targeting solution for the client?
  47. A client wants to reach people who are searching for content about the Chicago Bulls basketball team. Which targeting option would you recommend?
  48. A mattress client wants to reach people on YouTube who are about to move to a new home. What is the best targeting solution for the client?

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