Choose the right mobile asset Assessment Answers 2019

    1. Which is a good app design practice?
    2. These are all key to good mobile site design except?
    3. Which is not a common barrier for mobile-first companies?
    4. Which is not a good app design practice?
    5. All of these were recommended to help build a faster site except?

    6. Which asset model would you recommend to a company who already has a successful mobile site?
    7. Your friend has a jewelry business and just created an app that had dismal downloads during its first month.
      What advice should you give to get the app back on track?
    8. Why should you build a mobile site or app instead of just resizing your desktop site for a smaller screen?
    9. You’ve been given free reign to create a mobile-first campaign and a healthy budget to invest in mobile assets.
      What are the first steps you should take to get started?
    10. A newer kind of mobile site can do a lot of what only apps used to do, so the line has blurred between sites and apps. What are these sites called?