DoubleClick Billing Basics Assessment Answers 2024


Exam Name: DoubleClick Billing Basics Assessment

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  1. Alex is in charge of DoubleClick billing for his agency. He’d like to separate charges on his Bid Manager invoice so he can clearly see the costs of media fees and platform fees.
    How can he accomplish this?
  2. Which DoubleClick platform is billed on total media costs and includes a platform fee, data fees, and any third-party fees?
  3. Tara is your agency’s Campaign Manager specialist. You reach out to her to figure out why there are additional cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) fees on this month’s invoice.
    What did Tara do to incur this increase in fees?
  4. Along with rates, which billing configuration is set based on contract?
  5. Your agency has set up a purchase order (PO) number at the billing profile level in Bid Manager.
    In which section of the invoice can you see the PO number?
  6. While examining your invoice, you notice a charge that is incorrect.
    At what point should you contact your Account Manager?

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