Campaign Manager optimization Assessment Answers 2021

Exam Name: Campaign Manager optimization Assessment

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  1. Alan wants to see conversion credit assigned to whichever ad a user interacted with just prior to converting, whether it’s a click or an impression. Which attribution model would he use?
  2. After exporting your campaign to a spreadsheet, making a copy of one row with your ad, placement, and creative is a great way to ensure correct formatting and IDs when you import.
    What step will you need to complete in order to create a new placement?
  3. Martin’s excitement to dig into reports quickly turns to dismay when he sees how many conversion paths are displayed in the Assisted Conversions report.
    How can he limit which conversion paths are used in the report?
  4. Alona has been using the Time-Decay attribution model a lot recently, but she wishes she could make an adjustment to increase how rich media interactions are weighted when assigning credit.
    What attribution model should she select?
  5. Ezra wants to know which of DinoWorld’s promotional offers the users on his audience list are responding to best.
    Which report would he pull?
  6. What is a common reason for a campaign spreadsheet to fail upon import?
  7. Yasmin wants to see the most common sequence of ad interactions users experience before they convert.
    What report should she review?
  8. KidApparel wants to capture the encrypted user ID of each impression and click interaction so they can create more precise audience lists. Tom Trafficker tells them they’ll need to use:
  9. SuperCoolKicks wants to see if users who have seen the Cool Kicks sneaker ads on their smartphones are making purchases on desktop.
    Which report would reveal this pattern?
  10. How can you view the encrypted user ID across DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager accounts?
  11. Rich wants to compare cross-environment conversion data to standard conversion data.
    Which metric in the Cross-Device Conversions report does he need to include to see which device got the conversion credit?
  12. What is the best way to target users who haven’t made a purchase after putting an item in their cart without giving away too many promo codes?
  13. DoubleClick Digital Marketing reports are great, but Mario is looking for log-level impression and click data so he can dig into the granular details and run analysis.
    How can Mario access this information?
  14. After pulling a Top Conversion Paths report, Maria finds that most users are entering the funnel via rich media interactions.
    How can she best optimize with this information?
  15. How can you make bulk edits in the Campaign Manager interface?
  16. What is a common reason why the “Edit multiple” option may not appear in the user interface?
  17. Knowing that DinoWorld park tickets have a long conversion funnel, Johanna wants to give equal credit to every ad interaction that kept the user’s interest prior to purchasing tickets. Which model would she use to see credit assigned in this way?
  18. Which attribution model uses Floodlight data from both converting and non-converting users?
  19. KidApparel wants to create custom audience lists by leveraging their Custom Floodlight Variables and individual user IDs for more precise targeting. Tom Trafficker tells them they’ll need to use:
  20. After pulling a Cross-Device Conversion report, Sam notices that a lot of the mobile purchases on the SuperCoolKicks site occur after users have seen an ad on desktop.
    How might Sam use this information to optimize the sneaker campaign?
  21. How many data-driven models can be created for each parent-advertiser configuration?
  22. How does the position-based attribution model assign conversion credit?

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