Google Web Designer Assessment Answers 2020

Exam Name: Google Web Designer Assessment

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  1. How can you add simple animations quickly in Google Web Designer?
  2. How do you build a creative in Google Web Designer that restyles to fit portrait and landscape mobile phone orientations?
  3. What does Google Web Designer help beginners do?
  4. How do you navigate between the wider canvas version and narrower canvas version of your responsive creative?
  5. How can you add detailed, sophisticated animations in Google Web Designer?
  6. How can you move an element in Quick mode animation?
  7. How do you change the font text in your creative?
  8. What does Google Web Designer offer HTML5 coders in particular?
  9. Where are the settings you need to make creatives adjust to screen size and orientation?
  10. How do you build a creative in Google Web Designer that restyles to fit larger and smaller screens?
  11. How does Google Web Designer help you build sophisticated creatives quickly?
  12. How can you get your creative to appear in the template library?
  13. How do you add a YouTube video to your creative?
  14. What is a Google Web Designer feature that can accelerate ad creation for HTML5 coders and non-coders alike?
  15. How do you build a wider canvas version of your creative for wider screens?
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