Mobile in DoubleClick Bid Manager Basics Assessment Answers 2024


Exam Name: Mobile in DoubleClick Bid Manager Basics Assessment

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  1. What is a difference between an optimized mobile site and a desktop site?
  2. Tracking conversions in mobile apps uses what unique identifier?
  3. Which DoubleClick tool can you use to research site inventory?
  4. What is a key benefit of generating a cross-device conversion report?
  5. Which report should you use to compare ad performance in mobile environments?
  6. Your client, Ted’s Travel, is getting a lot of mobile traffic to their site, but not enough bookings to meet their targets. How do you remarket to these users who are visiting, but not making purchases?
  7. Your client has tasked you with reaching one million impressions for their new mobile campaign. How do you forecast potential reach before building the new campaign?
  8. Which customers can you potentially reach with proximity targeting?
  9. Which mobile strategy might you employ to drive mobile app downloads?
  10. Your company has an agreement with a mobile carrier to deliver special offers to their customers. How do you show these customers (and only these customers) an offer code on your mobile ads?
  11. Where do mobile web ads run?
  12. You want to run animated mobile creatives that don’t require special plug-ins. What format do you recommend to your designers?
  13. After running a cross-device report, you discover that total cross-environment conversion is 10 percent higher than single-device conversions. Why are these conversion numbers different?
  14. Which type of mobile ad is similar to the types of ads seen on desktop browsers?

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