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Twitter Performance Ads Specialist Assessment Answers 2024


Exam Name: Twitter Performance Ads Specialist Assessment

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  1. What are the two elements that make up the Twitter Pixel?
  2. What measurement method allows you to see lost attribution caused by the App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT)?
  3. Which bid strategy type allows you to choose exactly how much you are willing to pay for a link click?
  4. What is this called when you win an auction, and your ad is served to a person on Twitter?
  5. To measure the ROI of your campaigns and understand how much a user has spent on your website, which event type should you use?
  6. How do you apply particular metrics in Twitter Ad Manager that aren't the standard default options?
  7. Which one of these is not a dependency of site visit optimization?
  8. Twitter Pixel is made up of which two parts?
  9. Which of these metrics can't you track in your Ads Manager dashboard?
  10. Which of the following combinations of targetting options would be considered the optimum for impressions?
  11. What does ROAS stand for?
  12. Which ad group goal means that your ad is shown to people who are most likely to visit your website?
  13. How do you know if your Twitter Pixel is implemented correctly?
  14. What campaign objective should you choose for site visits optimization?
  15. Where in the Ads Manager dashboard can you select the conversion event types you want to view?
  16. Results for Aggregated Measurement for performance campaigns can vary, but what percentage increase in attributable page view conversions was seen when reporting in this way?
  17. Where will you find the Twitter Pixel in your Twitter Ads Manager?
  18. Which of the following data could you explore within Audience Details?
  19. In measurement terms, what is the definition of impressions?
  20. What does the tip, the three R's, stand for when creating strong, eye-catching creatives?
  21. What is Site Visits Optimization?
  22. Which part of the marketing funnel do the objectives of a website traffic campaign sit?
  23. Why is it important to understand which campaigns drove a user to take action on your website?
  24. How is Site Visits Optimization billed?
  25. How do you work out the cost per site visit with site visits optimization?
  26. Which attribution model grants all platforms a portion of the credit?
  27. Which of these is a method of measuring the results of website traffic campaigns?
  28. How has the App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT), introduced by Apple in 2020, affected advertisers?
  29. Site Visits Optimization works behind the scenes to reach qualified audiences to drive traffic to your website. True or False?
  30. Website Traffic campaigns give you access to all Twitter social and demographic targeting. True or False?
  31. What is one way you can verify your Twitter Pixel?
  32. What type of attribution window would credit Twitter with conversions after a person retweets or replies to your ad?
  33. Which metrics section shows the changes made to your campaign, which optimizations were made, and by whom?
  34. What is a Twitter Pixel?
  35. Which of the following can't you do in the custom metrics window?
  36. Suppose a user views three adverts on three different platforms before taking action on your website. How many platforms can claim the conversion?
  37. Which of the following is not one of the available parameters you can use for your events?
  38. Video is a highly impactful ad type. Which of these tips is not one of our tips for video creatives?
  39. What are custom metrics?
  40. Which metrics section allows you to add Tweet ID and Tweet media type as custom columns for easy filtering and sorting?
  41. Where in your Twitter Ads account would you go to set up your Twitter Pixel?
  42. What ad format allows you to showcase multiple products or promotions in a series of swipeable images or videos?
  43. What is attribution?
  44. To use the partner-provided Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) to measure results, you need to:
  45. What is the definition of click-through attribution?
  46. Why is it important to ensure that attribution windows are the same on all platforms?
  47. When thinking about targetting, what would be considered a restrictive targeting option?
  48. Which of these tips is recommended for successful creatives?
  49. What determines an ad's quality score?
  50. What type of bid is the recommended best practice for most campaigns?
  51. Which of the following is a potential way to improve the efficiency of your app install campaign?
  52. What is the technical term for “an allowable period between the moment someone viewed or clicked on your ad and the moment they took action, in which an advertiser believes there was a causal relationship”?
  53. Which ad format allows you to use multiple images or videos to show off different aspects of your app or tell a story?
  54. How many swipable images or videos can you include in a Carousel Ad?
  55. Which metrics section enables you to add Tweet ID and Tweet media type as custom columns for easy filtering and sorting?
  56. Why is it normally good practice to add ALT text to images?
  57. Which placement option can extend your reach by placing your ad in other apps used by your audience?
  58. Your ad campaign is promoting a game app. What would be the most suitable call to action for your ad app button?
  59. How do you choose the app you want to promote in your campaign?
  60. What is the "Learning Period"?
  61. Which of the following data would you be able to explore via Audience Details?
  62. Which placement option enables you to place an ad directly into a conversation thread?
  63. Which of the following is used to collect, organise, and standardise app data to assess campaign performance metrics?
  64. Which of the following bidding types would you choose to quickly get your app re-engagement campaign live and serving impressions?
  65. How is an ad's quality score determined?
  66. Which metrics section displays changes made to your campaign or ad group, and which optimizations were made and by whom?
  67. What is a common benefit of campaigns that convey a sense of urgency, such as seasonal or one-time promotions?
  68. During the mobile measurement process, which of the following happens last?
  69. What is the aim of an app re-engagement ad campaign?
  70. What is Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM)?
  71. What do you have to do before the SDK in your app will send conversion events to your Twitter Ads account?
  72. What should appear on ad app buttons?
  73. What feature can you use to help you discover and reach audiences on Twitter that are most likely to install?
  74. Which of the following is recommended when using video content in performance ad campaigns?
  75. Where do you need to go to create an App Re-engagement campaign?
  76. What does the ABC of best practices describe?
  77. On which page are you able to customise your Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) settings?
  78. You spend $50 on 10,000 impressions. What is the Cost per mille (CPM)?
  79. Under which attribution model would all associated advertising partners be credited equally?
  80. What is the conversion rate (CVR) for 10 conversions and 500 clicks?
  81. Why is conversion data less reliable in the first 24-48 hours of when impressions are served?
  82. A Lifetime Value (LTV) formula is based on which two factors?
  83. What does MACT stand for?
  84. Which of the following will enable you to manage conversions to track and send you events and attribution data?
  85. How do you calculate Click-Through Rate (CTR)?
  86. Which of the following is a distinct benefit of using a target bid approach?
  87. You spend $1500 per new user on day 1 of your campaign. You have a goal of hitting 10% ROAS by day 5. How much do you need to generate from each user by the end of day 5 to achieve your ROAS goal?
  88. How can you define and reach the target audience for your app installs campaign?
  89. When would click-through attribution credit be given?
  90. What is an app install ad?
  91. What is a tracking software development kit (SDK)?
  92. What are custom metrics?
  93. Which bidding strategy would you choose to auto-optimize to get the best results at the lowest price within your App Install campaign budget?
  94. What is "attribution" in performance advertising?
  95. How can your campaign reach audiences who have opted out of tracking, via Apple’s App Tracking Transparency?
  96. What could happen if your bid is not competitive relative to other advertisers?
  97. What does App Activity Combination enable you to do?
  98. How are you charged when applying an app clicks goal?
  99. What are mobile tailored audiences?
  100. What happens when your overall budget is reached?

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