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Exam Name: Performance – Smart Assessment

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  1. Match each explanation to its key benefit of using display responsive ads in a remarketing campaign.
  2. Which of the following best practices should be followed when applying target CPA to a campaign?
  3. Which of these statements are TRUE? Select all that apply.
  4. What are some broad revenue generators in an app?
  5. It’s important to wait at least two weeks after implementation before measuring the results of a Smart Bidding campaign.
  6. Indicate one difference on conversion tracking between iOS apps and Android apps.
  7. Which settings should be removed to optimize a remarketing campaign performance?
  8. Why is Target CPA the recommended choice for a remarketing bidding solution?
  9. With UAC, we recommend setting a CPA bid using the average CLV of a customer who completes the ‘Success Action’
  10. Match each of the “Big Three” ad rank recommendations to their definition.
  11. Match each display targeting solution to its targeted audience. (Duplicate 1)
  12. Match each display targeting solution to its targeted audience. (Duplicate 2)
  13. If a client wants to add a layer of auction-time optimization to their 3rd-party autobidding system, what autobidding strategy should they use?
  14. How can you improve Quality Score?
  15. Including a logo in a responsive ad…
  16. What is dynamic remarketing?
  17. What are the three universal ad extensions that every marketer should be using to enhance their text ad?
  18. When should a max conversions bidding strategy be pitched?
  19. Sort the following ways to target a client’s website with DSA, from the largest coverage to the most narrow.
  20. Match each autobidding strategy to the right campaign goal.
  21. How should you pitch your clients on ad formats if they are using image or HTML5 ads today?
  22. Which part of the search ad is not automatically generated by DSA?
  23. Match each of the following statements to its corresponding DSA benefit.
  24. Match the appropriate solution to the client’s issue when investgating internal factors in the client’s AdWords account.
  25. Since DSA is an automation solution, there’s no need to add audience lists to the campaign.
  26. Which list size metric should be examined to see if a list can be actively used in RLSA?
  27. Why do search ad extensions matter to clients?
  28. How many extension types can show up in any given ad auction?
  29. What are the three key benefits of RLSA?
  30. Gmail targeting includes signals from which of the following?
  31. Which policies apply when recommending RLSA? Select all that apply.
  32. If an advertiser wants to cover generic keywords or seasonal keywords that they normally couldn’t afford with RLSA, what is the best recommendation?
  33. Google users can visit the Ads Preferences Manager to manage ad personalization.
  34. Which of the following statements is true?
  35. Match examples of app activities to the corresponding vertical.
  36. Put the following steps in order to show how static display remarketing works.
  37. What are the three main factors that determine ad quality?
  38. Match the client goal to the correct ad extension. (Duplicate 1)
  39. Match the client goal to the correct ad extension. (Duplicate 2)
  40. Which attributes describe a good landing page experience? Select all that apply.
  41. Which of the following signal is currently NOT used by our algorithm to set up bids automatically?
  42. Which of the following is not considered a “Smart Bidding” strategy?
  43. Match the recommended option to tag your advertisers GDN remarketing campaigns to the Google product.
  44. Why should an advertiser consider automated bidding? Select all that apply.
  45. Which of the following is a core benefit of AdWords autobidding?
  46. What is automatically included in AdWords optimized lists?
  47. Identify which remarketing solution you would use for each scenario.
  48. Match the following autobidding strategy to the right client objective.
  49. DSA is fully compatible with target CPA, and it’s a best practice to combine this smart bidding option with DSA.
  50. Match the client’s objective to the DSA solution.
  51. How should an advertiser exercise control over DSA campaigns?
  52. Which of the following user trends is NOT a rationale for advertisers to use DSA?
  53. If an advertiser wants to maximize performance and also has branding guidelines, what would be a good recommendation?
  54. Which of the following targeting options is NOT available in Gmail?
  55. What does GDN’s inventory include?
  56. Match each recommended display auto-bidding strategy to its corresponding lead client.
  57. Identify how UAC uses Machine Learning.
  58. What is the difference between a “Success Action” and a “Proxy Action”?
  59. When calculating customer value, other valuable actions, such as friend referral should not be included.
  60. Which option allows advertisers to use their list in an existing campaign by applying a bid adjustment to modify their remarketing list members?
  61. RLSA lists should start with all site visitors. Further segments can follow the advertiser’s website structure, which usually groups visitors at various stages in the conversion cycle.
  62. Explain what “observations” are in the new AdWords experience.
  63. What can be customized with audience signals to make the acquisition of website visitors more efficient and ensure that users who are searching are re-acquired before they visit any competitor sites?
  64. What is the minimum list size for search required to run RLSA?
  65. Identify when it is appropriate to use target and bid for targeting in the new AdWords experience.
  66. Put the following steps in order to describe how RLSA works.
  67. Which of these customers likely has the highest potential value to bid on when searching for flowers?
  68. Which of the following allows advertisers to test out new keywords or ad copy that will serve only to specific audience members?
  69. What is the recommended range of lists to apply to ensure that management and reporting is not overly difficult?
  70. What are prohibited categories you should avoid pitching RLSA to?
  71. Order the four steps used to maximize an advertisers investment in RLSA.

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